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Bainbridge Island was world renowned for its strawberry production in the 1920's and 1930's. These farmers were mostly Japanese immigrants, all of whom were interned in WWII. Our Frambelle raspberry dessert wine is made entirely from fruit grown by one of these farmers. Please see this website by Mike Lempriere with materials from the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum about this history.
Mike gave a presentation entitled "Establishing a vineyard in the PS AVA" at the WWHA convention in Everett, WA on 09-Jan-2008. Western WA Horticultural Assoc. (click "Register", then "Conference Brochure".) The presentation has been made available online at the Puget Sound WineGrowers website (click "WWHA Information").
Perennial Vintners room at Hotel Vintage Park in downtown Seattle
Tartrates in wine
Our trifold info card (549Kb .pdf)
You're welcome to print your own copy -- but we ask that you please use recycled paper like we do!
Read more about Executive Chef Andrew MacMillen and the recipes he creates for Perennial Vintners.
Our estate wine labels are commissioned artworks by Dianne Gardner of Port Orchard. More information on Dianne and her work here.
I'd bet you didn't know that Seattle has a "sister city" in France... Guess what? It's Nantes, the home of Melon de Bourgogne and Muscadet!
If you're a chef-type person, you'll want to drop in on our recipes page
At PV we do our best to be good stewards of the land.
Please read about our rainwater harvesting and stormwater catchment pond.
List of Bainbridge Amenities -- especially useful if you're bicycling.
List of useful Links & favorite places.
List of important Associations.
Press (media) information page.
Private (in-house use) page.

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