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  In Spring 2007, Francesca Giusti, the Chief Concierge at the Hotel Vintage Park (HVP) attended the NW Boutique Winery Showcase. Francesca met Mike at the Perennial Vintners table and described what they do at HVP. Mike immediately agreed to have Perennial Vintners be a part!

HVP designates each guest room for a WA state winery. The winery gets their name on the door of a room, and provides artwork for the room. In addition, the winery is expected to do an occasional winetasting in the lobby of HVP.

The Perennial Vintners room is number 209. Below is a photo of our name on the door taken the day of our second tasting. (Perhaps some day I'll get a photo next time there of the artwork in the room as well.)

Perennial Vintners room door, #209 (full size image 598Kb)
Mike and ex-wife, ex-winery partner Beth in photo.
(Taken 19-Jul-2007, Beth's camera, unknown hotel staff member)

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