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Mike Lempriere

Mike Lempriere - owner of Perennial Vintners- confessed that he is not a "chef type" so he promptly turned to Andrew MacMillen, who Lempriere calls "a friend-of-the-winery." It seems MacMillen has more than earned that "friend" status due to the magnificent repasts he prepares for the cadre of volunteers who help out with harvest and bottling Perennial's delicate wines that are a result of the maritime-influenced, cool-climate viticulture of the Puget Sound.

"Andrew goes out of his way to make meals that will challenge our wines," says Lempriere. "As an example, I boast that our Müller Thurgau goes well with hot-spicy Asian dishes, so he includes one! "

Andrew MacMillen

MacMillen, who describes himself as an ex-caterer and amateur chef, has a background in many cuisines. He's also the website and newsletter editor for and a board member of the Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society and is well versed in gathering wild foods.

You can view Andrew's recipes on our site.

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