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Please note that most of our wines are between $25 and $35. You can visit the winery or shop online here.
PV is currently OPEN for tasting with our normal Winter hours. Please see our Tasting/Visit page for details.
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Perennial Vintners is a boutique vineyard and winery in the basement of our home. Here's a few photos to give you an idea of our humble operation... (Click on image for larger image, click on text for very large image)

Please go to our Tasting/Visit & Schedule page if you wish to come out and see in person.

Re-assemble winery GoPro time-lapse
Last week after we bottled all of the 2017 wines, the winery became just a room with a bunch of empty vessels. In years where I have the time, I'll take this opportunity to move all the vessels out, and give the winery a thorough cleaning, especially pressure washing the floor. This year, my son set up his GoPro camera in time-lapse mode while we re-assembled the empty winery on the following day. The three people you'll see are Mike L (black T-shirt), son Ellis (dark blue T-shirt), and Serena Gordon (red). It's about a forty-five second video (mp4), but is 164Mb so will take a bit to download.

Panoramic image of inside the winery. Mike is visible outside the door, cleaing the press. (840x448 1.7Mb). (You'll need Apple's QuickTime to view it.)

(Taken Oct-2008, Garret Veley)

Entry into the winery (full size image 423Kb)
(Taken 18-May-2007, MikeL)
Yes, it's just a door into the basement of our house... And yes, it needs a bit of weeding, mowing and general kid's toy pickup...

Tanks (full size image 421Kb)
(Taken 18-May-2007, MikeL)
Our two 1,000 liter tanks, and one 300 liter tank.

The "tasting room" (full size image 406Kb)
(Taken 18-May-2007, MikeL)
There's no wasted space in our winery -- the tasting room is just a space between the pallet of cases of wine, and the tank/barrel area.

New picnic table area (full size image 454Kb)
(Taken 18-May-2007, MikeL)
Our yard is on such a slope that a wineglass set down on the picnic table would tip over. I've just finished terracing this corner to take care of this problem... It'll look a lot better when the grass is growing and there's actually a table there...

[update: Summer 2010] Grass is growing, the area is lovely now!

Winery lab area (full size image 418Kb)
(Taken 16-Nov-2007, MikeL)
For completeness, this is a picture of the lab area in our tiny basement winery.

New outdoor chessboard area (full size image 460Kb)
(Taken 16-Nov-2007, MikeL)
Our son 7 year old Ellis is active in his school's chess club (he can whip mom or dad pretty much any time)... I'm not exactly sure where we got the idea, or even who's idea it was, but this year we decided to make a large outdoor chess set above the vineyard. I brought in fill dirt to raise up the lower corner making it level, by which time Winter was rapidly approaching. So this year, we've just planted some grass around the edge to keep the dirt intact when the rains hit, and we'll be finishing the top surface next Spring. We'll edge the squares with rocks (see huge pile to the right). We're considering using wooly thyme for the dark squares, and are still deciding on the light squares.

[update Summer 2010] Chessboard area has become the storage area for potted plants -- these will go into the area to be cleared this summer adjacent to the house vineyard.

Another shot of the chessboard (full size image 461Kb)
(Taken 16-Nov-2007, MikeL)
Another shot, this time from the vineyard side (with better lighting -- these Autumn photos under trees can be tricky).

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