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Perennial Vintners is a family run business; it's all Mike. I love to spend time with my customers, showing you around my operation is the best part of the job! However, as there's only one of me, I'm not able to be open at all times.

Most important! If you're in the area, don't hesitate to call/txt Mike's cellphone (206-200-5902) even on just a few minutes notice -- if I'm around, I can probably make time to spend with you!

Special note! If you take a taxi/Uber/Lyft to visit, we will give you a $10 discount on your wine bottle purchase, just show us the ride on your device at checkout.

Our tasting room is quite modest, namely the winery itself. You'll be standing among tanks and bottling equipment, pumps and lab equipment -- you'll see what it's really like to be a winery. Please drop in on The Winery page for a preview.

We're open weekends 10am-6pm, and Mon, Tue, Fri 11am-5pm. We're closed Wed and Thu, but call/txt as we may be around. (Be sure to see our Schedule/Make appt. page for disclaimers.) Also, several weekends each year, all wineries on Bainbridge are open with special events - see our schedule page, and if not available, we'd love to have you make an appointment or Contact Us about a visit.

Drop in on our Directions page on how to get to the winery, including taxi/tour information.

Important disclaimers -- please read!
Please remember that the winery is the basement of a private home.
  • Although there are no obstacles like stairs or curbs, there is a gravel/grass driveway that can make handicapped access difficult.
  • Ladies -- our gravel driveway and vineyard tour through grass means that heels are not a good idea!
  • Our driveway has a narrow steep turn and not much turnaround space at the top. We cannot handle motorhomes or buses. (You could park below and walk up -- contact us.)
  • Our driveway is shared with other households and is adjacent to agriculture. We ask that you drive slowly to avoid harming kids/pets or kicking up dust onto the plants.

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