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2010 Magelica
This wine is no longer available -- this is the original release page
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(Click image for larger view [33Kb .gif])

[Retail price was $31.00, released 28-Apr-2012]

The 2010 growing season in the Puget Sound AVA was exceptionally cool. This led to a an overwhelming Botrytis spread, shich is disastrous for a dry wine. However, it makes for a fantastic dessert wine. Our Madeleine Angevine grapes have given us a tiny but magnificent Sauterne-like dessert wine. We've taken this one step further and made it in a port-style.

Tasting notes: Not super sweet (only 3%RS), and with the wonderful honey-like flavor that Botrytis imparts, this will remind you of a Sauterne wine, but without the typically almost overwhelming sweetness of a Sauterne. Will make a fantastic dessert all by itself.

Details: 26 cases produced; to be released 28-Apr-2012

This label features a commissioned artwork. Please visit our page with more information about Dianne Gardner of Port Orchard who painted this lovely closeup image of an Angelica flower.

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