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This wine is no longer available -- this is the original release page
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In 2008, Perennial Vintners branched out to try something completely new, producing a pair of liqueurs. Our Ichigo dessert wine was released first and has been a wonderful hit, our second is the Frambelle dessert wine.

The wine was first made available at the Vino Verite wine shop in Seattle 12-Feb-2009 (just in time for Valentine's Day).

We're using an unusual square bottle (see right). Click for a closeup of the front label, left panel, right panel.

The wine is made from 100% Bainbridge Island raspberries, grown by our next-door-neighbor Akio at the Day Road Suyematsu Farm, with grape neutral spirits added. It's somewhat like a port, somewhat like a liqueur. Unfortunately we cannot use either of these terms on the label, so it's called simply a dessert wine.

The name "Frambelle" is our own mishmosh of the French words for raspberry (framboise) and beautiful (belle).

Tasting notes: You're greeted with stunning fresh raspberry aromas, and on the tongue a touch of sweetness with just enough acid to keep it from being a cloying pancake syrup. This wine is 19% alcohol, so be sure to sip it lightly to enjoy it to the fullest.

This label features a commissioned artwork. Please visit our page with more information about Dianne Gardner of Port Orchard who painted this lovely cluster of raspberries.

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