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COVID-19 Special notice!       We are mostly back to pre-Covid world. [Last update 11-Oct-2023]
Please note that most of our wines are between $25 and $35. You can visit the winery or shop online here.
PV is currently OPEN for tasting with our normal Winter hours. Please see our Tasting/Visit page for details.
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Perennial Vintners is a family business; it's almost all Mike. I love to spend time with my customers, showing you around my operation is the best part of the job! However, as there's only one of me, scheduling can be difficult. You can make an appointment, or if you're in the area, we may be available - call or txt - please go to our Tasting/Visit page for details.

Go to our Tasting/Visit page for open hours. On occasion circumstances may cause us to open late or close early, so if you're going a way out of your way, you might want to call/txt ahead Contact Us page.

Note that as of 2019, PV will be open, but will not be participating in the quarterly Wine On The Rock events. Although these events can be fun, we feel that we do not get to spend quality time with our customers on those super-duper busy event days.

PV will be open to the public for the following special annual events:
   Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, PV has cancelled all public events through 2022. We have hopes of holding our annual events again as of 2023. However we are open for wine tasting - see our Tasting/Visit page.

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