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Although we are still a tiny (ok, microscopically tiny) winery, we do have plans! The following are grape varieties that we have in now in the test block of our vineyard, or other interesting projects. We have high hopes of leasing adjacent properties and expanding some of the following most successful plantings.

Information on our previous (no longer available) releases will always be available in our library page, including notes on how these older wines are maturing. Our current releases are available Our wines page.

  • Melon de Bourgogne (AKA Muscadet)
    [update Spring 2012] This wine is being removed from this "possible future wines" page as it is a real product now! (See the Our Wines page for details.)
    [update Spring 2016] This wine is available in the tasting room now!
  • Pinot Gris
    We have hopes of producing a local Pinot Gris from the 2008 harvest. As this is very tentative, I'm afraid I can't go into further details just yet.
    [update: Autumn 2008] No Pinot Gris this year, although some rootstock trials look promising for the future.
    [update: Summer 2010] This source did not materialize as hoped.
    [update: Autumn 2014] The one row (25 plants) of PG was never going to be enough to produce a commercial quantity of wine. Also, we have plenty of other cool-climate whites. This row has been ripped out and replaced with Zweigelt (see below).
  • Siegerrebe
    We hope to produce a dry version of this wine as we absolutely adore it, and it ripens so perfectly here in the PS AVA cool maritime climate. This will be from new plantings that have not even begun yet, so don't hold your breath waiting for it...
    [Update Spring 2008] We have just completed planting about 1/2 acre (350 plants). See our vineyards page for more details.
    [Update harvest 2008] We have just made our first harvest from this variety in our vineyard. The numbers were fantastic, even in this unforgiving year with it's very late season. Unfortunately we only have a few gallons so will not be releasing any of this wine from this vintage.
    [update: Summer 2010] Our half block is doing very nicely this year, we're excited about it's future. Unfortunately the plants (planted 2008, see above) are still too young for a crop, so there's another year to go before we see this as wine.
    [update: Autumn 2014] Our combined production of this grape (about 400 plants) yielded about 400 liters of wine. We hope to have a dry white wine release from this grape by about May-2015.
  • Schoenberger
    We hope to produce an off-dry wine as we enjoy this wine as a light sipping wine, somewhat like a Chenin Blanc. Our planting will give us it's first harvest in 2008.
    [Update harvest 2008] We have just made our first harvest from this variety in our vineyard. The numbers were excellent, even in this unforgiving year with it's very late season. Unfortunately we only have a few gallons so will not be releasing any of this wine from this vintage.
    [update: Autumn 2008] We harvested a tiny amount of this grape this year. The numbers were great, and it is overall an earlier ripening -- I'm very excited about the future of this grape in the PS AVA. Unfortunately, the tiny amount harvested is barely sufficient to make a test batch of, let alone sell it...
    [update: Spring 2012] Although this grape makes a decent wine, we are not planning to expand this block for commercial production as we already have several very nice white wines.
    [update: Autumn 2014] This row has been removed in favor of Zweigelt (see below).
  • Pinot Noir
    In the even more distant future, we expect to plant some of our own red varieties including this and several lesser known overlooked varieties that are in trials around the Puget Sound AVA. Some of the names are Regent, Agria, Dunklefelder. We have several different rootstock trials underway, and already have a good idea of which are the most successful combinations.
    [update: Autumn 2008] Although we did not get sufficient grapes to make even a test wine, we showed notably earlier ripening in several PN rootstock combinations.
    [update: Summer 2010] We have plans to clear the remaining trees adjacent to our house vineyard this summer (you'll see the clearing permit coming up the driveway). Almost this entire block is to be planted in Pinot Noir, so please check back again in 2015!
    [update: Spring 2012] Plans sometimes change... Due to the difficulties we've have in ripening our pinot trials in 2010 and 2011, we've decided to use that expansion area for Zweigelt. We are no longer planning any future for a commercial PN.
    [update: Autumn 2014] All PN plants have been removed in favor of Zweigelt (see below).
  • Castor (Muscat)
    We have a tiny planting of an early-ripening Muscat that we hope can be made into a dessert wine in the far distant future.
    [update: Autumn 2008] This grape did not ripen sufficiently this year to make a good wine out of. However, 2008 was a difficult year -- there may yet be hope for this grape.
    [update: Summer 2010] This grape is to be considered a failure in this region -- in 4 years it never came anywhere near sufficient ripening to make wine. We have ripped out the 6-plant test block we had.
  • White sparkling wine (no releases yet)
    We've made a tiny quantity of a Champagne style (Methode Champenoise) sparkling wine from Siegerrebe grapes. Putting it simply, this wine is thrilling! We hope to make some some commercial quantities of this sort of wine as well.
    [update: Summer 2010] No additional Sieg sparkling wine on the horizon. However, did I never mention that the 2007 Melon de Bourgogne was too underripe for a still wine, so we've started a sparkler out of it?
    [update Spring 2012] Although the 2007 MdB did make a nice sparkling wine, there is a lot of bottle variablity, thus we will not be selling this wine.
    [update Spring 2016] This wine did not last well in the bottle, and was a lot of work to make, so we will not be making it again in the future.
    [update Spring 2020:] We are working on a sparkling Siegerrebe...
  • Zweigelt (no releases yet)
    We've made a tiny quantity of Zweigelt from a row of test plants in our own vineyard. Not sufficient quantity for a commercial release yet. This is a lovely red, heavier body than a delicate PN, and seems to ripen 2 weeks ahead of PN, so it's an excellent choice for this area.
    [update: Autumn 2014] This year I've ripped out most of our various small trial plants including PN and PG in favor of a small production lot of Zw. We now have about 100 plants, up from 19. The soon-to-be-cleared-for-PN block mentioned above, will instead be used for Zweigelt. Check back in 2020 for our first significant locally grown red wine release!
    [update: Spring 2020] We don't have a sufficient quantity of Zw yet for a commercial release, however we do have enough of the 2019 in tank that it could still happen this year. We also removed the overgrown Christmas trees on the north side of our property last Spring, we're propogating Zw plants this year for that area.
    [update Winter 2022] Our current release of 2019 Rubrus is comprised of Zw and Pinot Noir from AppleTree Cove in Kingston (see the "Our Wines" page). Our tiny test planting this year was destroyed by racoons, and the new block on the north of the property was still too young to produce a harvest.

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