Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 12:14:00 -0700
Subject: Newsletter Apr-2016
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  ▪ Hours/Events: Cheese pairing this wknd
  ▪ Events: Girl's Night Out, BI & Poulsbo
  ▪ Events: SLURP in Olympia
Newsletter -- Apr-2016  ▪ Events: SaveKPLU
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Hours/Events: Cheese pairing this wknd

This weekend is a WABI weekend with all wineries on Bainbridge open.  We'll all be pairing our wines with local artisan cheeses, see the WABI website for details.  We'll be featuring cheese specialties from Crimson Cove in Poulsbo.

PV is open every weekend, 11am-5pm.  Additionally, Mike lives on the property and the winery is open whenever he's there, which is pretty much 7 days/week.  In other words, consider us to be ALWAYS OPEN!  Feel free to call/txt my cell 206-200-5902 most any reasonable hour; if I'm available, you'll be welcomed!

Events: Girls Night Out, BI & Poulsbo

Completely by chance, we've been invited to pour our wines at both the Bainbridge Island and the Poulsbo Girl's Night Out events!

We'll be at Crimson Cove Smoked Specialties on Front St. in Poulsbo on Wed 04-May.  This is a wonderful shop featuring many local wines, local craft beers and ciders, smoked salmon, cheeses, nuts, even salt!  (Of course I'm biased - they carry our wines all year!)  Most shops will be open until 9pm.  (Note that we're also pairing our wines with their smoked specialties this coming weekend - see above.)

On Bainbridge, Girl's Night Out is a BIDA event, Thu 05-May, most stores stay open 'til 9pm.  We'll be at Meli Melo Vintage Boutique, they're a walkdown from the main street in downtown Winslow.  Very interesting, shop with home decor, hand painted vintage furniture, even wedding accessories.  If you can't miss your Mexican food fix on Cinco de Mayo, we've got several Mexican restaurants in an easy walk too!

Events: SLURP in Olympia

The Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association has an annual oyster event entitled Shellfish Lovers Ultimate Rejuvenation Party (SLURP) on 01-May.  There will be several wineries and breweries, with tons of shellfish to be eaten!  Includes a live auction and live music.  PV will be providing our Melon de Bourgogne for the shellfish, and our Frambelle for the dessert course.  More info and tickets at link above.  Mike is hoping to be there in person, but that hinges on someone taking care of the tasting room at the vineyard that day.  If you might be interested in pouring and selling wine for a day, please reply to this email and let me know, perhaps we can make this work!  You might also want to consider joining our pv-helpers email list where I call for volunteers for things like this.

Events: Save KPLU

If you've visited us before, you are likely to be aware the Mike is a big fan of KPLU, it's often on in the background in the winery.  This is a local NPR radio station, with a jazz and blues focus.  I listen to this station pretty much exclusively because of the commercial-free jazz and blues format.  Pacific Lutheran University owns and operates the station, but agreed to sell it to University of Washington.  UW has made it clear the format will be changed, and has not made any promises to keep the high quality local jazz focus that I care about.

When the sale was announced, the community hit the proverbial ceiling, and roared!  PLU has graciously listened, and given a community group an opportunity to buy the station license themselves.  If you care to save pretty much the last remaining independent newsroom in the pacific northwest, and/or if you love jazz and/or blues, I urge you to consider donating.  The SaveKPLU campaign has until 30-June to raise $7M - sounds tough but we're very near $4M.

Poulsbo will have a big to-do on Thu 28-Apr, with some thirty-odd businesses participating, doing special events all to help to save KPLU.  Perennial Vintners will be open that day at the tasting room and will contribute 10% of all sales that day to Save KPLU.  We are also expecting to have wine in the evening at some venue in Poulsbo, we're still working out the details.

Website: Recipes page updated

Our Executive Chef Andrew MacMillen has updated our website with the last few events recipes.  These were for our Wine Club wine pickup evenings.  The first was an Ajo Blanco (White Gazpacho) with Manchego, Caramelized Shallot & Paprika Spread, the second was an Alsatian Choucroute Garnie with Parsley Potatoes.  Both were enjoyed immensely by our wine club members, and they're not that hard to make yourself - you'll want to try them out yourself!  Go to our Recipes page here.

Vineyard: updates

We've finished annual pruning - special thanks to those of you who came out and helped.  This year I got a late start due to paperwork in January, then due to the early warm weather in February, the grapes came out of dormancy early - which means that it was a very compressed season.  I got it done in about 5 weeks this year, I'd expect it to take at least 8!

I'll be using the neighbors tractor in the next week or so to subsoil (breaks up the last few years of soil compaction) then rotovate the vineyard rows.  This is both weed control and it helps keep up the warmth in the vineyard - bare dirt is warmer than any cover crop.  Other than that, it's really just a lot of weeding to do!  If you're interested spending some time in a vineyard, please consider joining our pv-helpers email list or reply to this email.