Date: Thu, 21 May 2015 17:18:03 -0700
Subject: May newsletter
Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ Sched: Memorial Day wknd (all BI wineries)
 ▪ Tasting room: Barrel sample: 2014 Siegerrebe
 ▪ Planting new vineyard in Port Townsend
Newsletter -- May-2015  ▪ Winery: Bottling party
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 ▪ Website: Recipes page - 5 yrs!  ▪ Misc: Running low & upcoming wines

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 ▪ Sched: Memorial Day wknd (all BI wineries)
The next all-Bainbridge-wineries-open event is this weekend, Sat, Sun and Mon 23,24,25-May.  PV opens at 11am, the others at noon.  We'll have a special sneak preview this weekend, see below.  Visit WABI website for more info.  (And remember, you can save money by bringing your unused iPhone earbuds for a discount on PV wines.)

Also note that PV is open every weekend, Sat. and Sun 11am-5pm.  However, I'm at the winery pretty much 7 days a week, so call/txt my cell 206-200-5902 - if I'm around, I'd be happy to greet you and give you the private vineyard tour, or you can of course just stop in for a minute to buy wine!  Or if you're in the neighborhood, just come up the driveway to check - if I'm around, you'll be served.

 ▪ Tasting room: Barrel sample: 2014 Siegerrebe
This weekend we'll have a special sneak preview of the 2014 Siegerrebe.  This is just about ready to bottle (see below for work party info), and it's superb!  Notes of strawberry, kiwi and rose, it'll draw you right in...  Once you taste it, you'll be putting our release date in your calendar to come back and be sure to get your bottles!  So be sure to come in this weekend...

 ▪ Planting new vineyard in Port Townsend
If you haven't been to the winery in the last few weeks, you've missed out on Mike's latest excitement.  Mike is now working as a consultant with the new Port Townsend Vineyards.  The owner is planting a new cool-climate vineyard and will be building a local-focused winery business.  It's an ambitious and super-exciting project!  I am honored to be a member of the team that will be making this happen.  If you're not busy next weekend (30-May, 01-03-Jun) and would like to participate in making history, we're looking for a few hard-working people to help plant about 6,000 grapevines (in Port Townsend).  If interested, reply to this email and include which day(s) you can help out.

 ▪ Winery: Bottling party
In about a month we'll be bottling several of our 2014 wines, namely Siegerrebe, Madeleine Angevine and Lemberger.  I'll send out a more detailed email when the date is solidified, but tentatively 20-Jun and/or 21-Jun.  You'll have a chance to preview Sieg14 this weekend (see above.)  As usual, our Executive Chef Andrew MacMillen will cater the lunch and tailor the food specifically to match the wines we're bottling that day.  If you're not already on it, please consider joining our pv-helpers email list for notices about this and many other opportunities.

 ▪ Website: Recipes page - 5 yrs!
I'd like to draw your attention to the recipes page on the Perennial Vintners website.  Our Executive Chef, Andrew MacMillen has been quietly contributing recipes to this area for over 5 years now!  He has amassed a collection of interesting and unique meals paired specifically for Perennial Vintners wines.  Pick up a bottle of PV wine, then find one of Andrew's creations for that wine, and treat yourself to a wonderful meal!  With this wonderful warm Spring we're having, I'd suggest starting with Isletage or Dry Rose for a relaxing evening outdoors.

 ▪ Misc: Running low & upcoming wines
Bad news then good news...  We are now completely out of the 2011 Madeleine Angevine.  This was a wonderful wine, and I'll miss it for my own enjoyment let alone for having great sales in the tasting room!  We're down to the last 6 bottles of Syrah, they'll certainly be gone by the end of this weekend.  Unfortunately there was no 2013 Syrah, so we'll have to wait for the 2014 to be ready, hopefully early next year.  We're getting low on the Viognier, and we won't be making it again.  It was a wonderful wine, but it was really just a standin for the 2011 year when we had no local harvest - we have plenty of local whites to take it's place.  We're also getting low on the 2012 Isletage, but there's a month or so supply left.  The current Frambelle is from 2012 and should last another month.
The good news - upcoming wines!  The 2013 Isletage is ready to go and will be released as soon as we sell of out the 2012.  Same for Frambelle, 2013 will be replacing the 2012 as soon as the former runs out.  We'll be bottling the 2014 Madeleine Angevine in about a month and it's delicious!  We also have 2014 Siegerrebe and 2014 Mueller Thurgau soon to be bottled.  2014 was an exceptionally wonderful growing year, with a large harvest of all our local grapes, so we'll be doing separate MA, MT and Sieg again instead of the Isletage blend.  Later in the summer there will be another bottling party when we'll do the Melon de Bourgogne, Syrah and Frambelle.