Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 20:56:31 -0800
Subject: PV newsletter Nov-2021
Perennial VintnersIn this issue:
 ▪ Hours/events: Winter hrs & open for tasting
 ▪ Holiday sale
 ▪ New releases and running low wines
Newsletter -- Nov-2021 ▪ Awards/Press
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 ▪ Vineyard: Settled in for winter & xmas lights ▪ Find our wines at:

 Hours/events: Winter hrs & open for tasting

PV is open for tastings.  Our new Winter hours are Sat-Sun, 11am-dusk (about 4:15pm), and weekdays by reservation, call/txt 206-780-2146.

Please note that we're open Thanksgiving weekend including Friday 26th.

With dry weather, we'll be tasting outdoors only.  We have an outdoor fireplace for warmth, and we have some lap blankets, but please feel free to bring your own favorite blanket!  We've also set up a large, strong tent, so we will be able to do more outdoor tastings.

On really rainy days, we'll be tasting in the winery.  However, we only have room for a single group at a time, so you may have to wait.  We have a sign in front with xmas lights around it - if they're on, come on in - otherwise, call/txt 206-780-2146 to get your position in the queue.  Note that if we're tasting indoors, we are requiring proof of vaccination as the winery is small and airflow is limited.  This is for your safety as well as ours.

Of course you can always shop online if making it here to the winery is not convenient.

▪ Holiday sale

Our normal prices are fairly reasonable, starting at $18; our most expensive is $32, most are in the $25 range, including a sparkling wine at $28.
We have several items on holiday sale:
  Sparkling Siegerrebe NV - normally $28/btl -- $64 for a 3-pack
  Melon de Bourgogne 2018 - normally $26/btl -- $60 for a 3-pack
  Siegerrebe 2018 - normally $21/btl -- $45 for a 3-pack
  Syrah 2016 - normally $27/btl -- $60 for a 3 pack
Please note these items are at full price unless you buy the multi-pack.  And yes, these do count towards case and half-case discounts...

We're happy to ship wine - mixed cases Ok.  Note that we'll also ship to most anywhere in the continental U.S. for $10-$15.  Our wine Club members get an additional 20% off as well. WA state orders, please just send us an email - out of state you can send us an email or shop online.

▪ New releases and running low wines
Since our previous newsletter (Nov-2020):

  Isletage 2017
    sold out  (3 bottles left at Bay Hay, see below)

  2019  Roseus
    sold out

  Melon de Bourgogne 2018
    New vintage

 Siegerrebe 2018
    New vintage

  Syrah 2016
    New vintage

  Rubrus 2019
    This will be our first 100% Puget Sound AVA red wine!
    It's a blend of Pinot Noir, Zweigelt, and Fhruburgunder from our friends at Appletree Cove Farm in Kingston.
    This will be available exclusively to our Wine Club members until 2022 when it will become available to the public.
    If you're interested, consider joining our Wine Club - respond to this email to inquire.
    (Wine Club members - you can expect an email in the next few days.)

▪ Awards/Press
Wine Press NW:
  Melon de Bourgogne 2018 - Silver
  Roseus 2019 - Silver
  Syrah 2016 - Double Gold
  Siegerrebe 2018 - Bronze
  Syrah 2016 - Double Gold

Eric Degerman of Great NW Wine wrote a wonderful article about our 2019 Rose'.  He talks about the wine and gives appropriate accolades to winemaker Serena!  We also got a nice writeup from Discover Washington Wine, the article discusses all the Bainbridge wineries.

▪ Vineyard: Settled in for winter & xmas lights

At this time of year, we're mostly done in the vineyard.  We still need to finish rolling up the nets, then setting up the xmas lights!  Hopefully we'll get the lights up over the next few days, so they'll be there for all of December.  Serena likens them to "a star filled sky".  We also have some high-tech light strings- think Trans Siberian Orchestra - that Mike is playing with computer control on - we'll see if we get these going before the year runs out...

You may be aware that we planted a new block of Zwiegelt on the north side of the property last Spring.  We got the plants in just before that awful "heat dome" we had with the record-setting high temps.  Some of those plants got clobbered by the heat and ensuing dry soil, so we'll be replanting some of those in Dec/Jan.  After that will be pruning, then adding lime to the soil along with compost.

During the last few years we've been working with Appletree Cove Farm in Kingston; it's the old Arness farmstead, and they've put in a lot of work to build a vineyard and fix up the buildings.  This is where the Rubrus 2019 came from (see above).

We're also working with Raincoast Farms in Port Townsend; they'll be their own winery as of 2022.  We got a surprisingly large harvest from them this year that will be part of some of our future wines.  We'd highly recommend their beautiful property for small weddings/events.

▪  Find our wines at:

Bainbridge has a new wine bar!  It's called Luna Cellars, it's in the pavilion near the movie theater.  The owner, Greg, has a long history with the many wineries on Bainbridge, so they serve wines by the glass from several of us, including our Sparkling Siegerrebe.  We are really happy that they pair our sparkling with fresh local oysters on Sundays.

Our wines are now at the Port Townsend Food Coop.  Their wine buyer, James, was thrilled to be able to make our wines available there!  We've been long-time fans of everything Port Townsend and we are honored to have our wines at this wonderful local-focused shop.

We've had our wines at Bay Hay and Feed on Bainbridge Island for several years now.  They have all of our current wines!  Their local food section is excellent, be sure to check it out!  (Last week I noticed they have the last 3 bottles I know of, of the 2017 Isletage!)