Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2020 13:24:07 -0700
Subject: Perennial Vintners Newsletter Mar-2020
Perennial Vintners In this issue:
  ▪ Hours/events: Open sorta
  ▪ COVID-19 comments
  ▪ Dramatic wine discounts
Newsletter -- Mar-2020   ▪ Awards
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  ▪ Vineyard: quiet time   ▪ Running low & upcoming releases

Hours/events: Open sorta

Please note that PV is temporarily open for sales only (details below).

Our Winter hours are Fri-Mon, 11am-5pm, closed Tue-Thu.  Check the sign on the barrel at the bottom of the driveway, and look up the hill to the house - when open, you may be able to see our blue and red "open" sign from Lovgreen Rd.

Additionally, Mike lives on the property and the winery is open whenever he's there, so you can consider PV to be ALWAYS OPEN if you call/txt 206-200-5902 ahead (most any reasonable hour) -- if I'm available, you'll be welcomed!

COVID-19 comments

Most everything that needs to be said about the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has already been said, but I do have one suggestion that I haven't seen being passed around much, then I'll go into the direct impacts at PV.

a)  I strongly recommend that it's time for you to set up Apple Wallet, Google Pay, or whatever touchless payment system your smartphone has.  At PV we use Square, and it accepts both these systems.  I've personally resisted doing this until now, but now I'm thrilled to have it.

b)  In our Square payment system, we have turned off the requirement for a signature on credit cards - you do not have to touch the screen.  I'd suggest you mention this to other small businesses you may come in contact with that use Square - they can choose to do it as well.

c)  We've put off our Wine Club pickup for the first quarter of the year.  We hope to still have our wine club pickup in April, but probably without a get-together.

d)  As mentioned above, with the Governor's lockdown due to COVID-19,we are not allowed to do our usual tastings.  You are welcome to come to our tasting room for bottle purchases.  Feel free to email/call/txt 206-200-5902 to place your order and we'll have it ready , and we can bring it out to your car when you arrive.

e)  Most important - this shutdown is disastrous for small businesses like PV.  Most of our income is from tasting room visitors.  We hope to make it worthwhile for people to continue to come in and buy wine.  Please read on to the next section on our big sale...

Dramatic wine discounts

As mentioned above, we want to make some wine sales, so we're going to make it worth your while...
Our older wines are now on sale at 50% off!
  Melon de Bourgogne 2016          ($27 now @ $13.50)    $162.00/cs
  Siegerrebe 2016                           ($24 now @ $12.00)   $144.00/cs
  Frambelle 2018                            ($30 now @ $15.00)    $180.00/cs

The rest of our wines are now on sale at wholesale price of 30% off!
  Lemberger 2017                          ($26 now @ $18.20)    [almost out, 3 btl limit]
  Syrah 2016                                  ($28 now @ $19.60)    $235.20/cs
  Isletage 2017                               ($18 now @ $12.60)    $151.20/cs

Note that we'll also ship to anywhere in the continental U.S. for only $10.  Free shipping for two cases or more.
Our wine Club members get an additional 10% off.
(Disclaimers: Minimum order 6 btls for $10 shipping.  Older wines are on sale until they're sold out.  Remaining wines are on sale until Tasting Room operations return to normal with Governor's restrictions lifted.)


Savor NW awards: Lem 2017 - Bronze, MdB 2016 - Silver
Wine Press NW Platinum Judging :MdB 2016 - Double Gold
Tasting Room Magazine listed us in: Movers and Shakers 2020, and Wine Clubs Worth Joining, and our Frambelle 2018 was one of the Top Four Picks for Dessert in a Bottle for Washington Wines (I can no longer find this latter on their website, sorry).
TexSom Intl. Wine Awards 2020: Isletage 2017 - Silver

Vineyard: Quiet time

We've finished with Winter pruning, got through it in about 5 weeks this year - the weather in February was very nice for this work.  In March we spent a bunch of time making cuttings from our prunings, in order to propagate the almost 1,000 plants we'll be needing for the new block of grapes going in to the north of the house.  What's left now is general Spring Cleaning like raking fir cones out of the grass, and shoring up the picnic table in hopes of getting another year of life out of it...  We're watching for grapevine budding, then the next task will be to start shoot thinning, and of course to start with our sprays for Powdery Mildew.  As always, if you're interested in learning about grape growing, consider joining our pv-helpers email list.

Running low & upcoming releases

We're almost out of the Lemberger 2017.  We'll be limiting it to 3 bottles per customer.  The 2018 Lemberger should be available by late April.

We're really excited to be releasing a Rose' for the first time since 2013!  This will be a Puget Sound AVA release from Pinot Noir grown in Kingston, just about 10 miles from the winery.  We're also thrilled to be releasing our first red Isletage from the same Kingston vineyard - a blend of Pinot Noir and Zwiegelt.  And lastly, we'll be moving on to the 2017 Melon de Bourgogne and the 2017 Siegerrebe as soon as the 2016's are sold out.