Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2019 09:41:23 -0700
Subject: PV newsletter June-2019
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 ▪ Hours/events: Closures
 ▪ Wine Club
 ▪ July 4th sale!
Newsletter -- Jun-2019  ▪ Winery: Outlets, low stock
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 ▪ Vineyard: Flowering, thinning  ▪ Press: Island Wanderer

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 Hours/events: Closures

PV will be closed this coming Saturday 22-Jun for my son's high school graduation.  Some of you will have met him in the tasting room, he's actually better at telling my winery stories than I am!  Additionally, my sister will be in town for the graduation, so I'll be spending some time with her, leaving PV closed Mon 24-Jun through Wed 26th.  This will be my first real vacation in about 10 years!

Note that PV is open 5 days a week, 10am-6pm weekends, 11am-5pm Mon, Tue, Fri.  Check the sign on the barrel at the bottom of the driveway, and look up the hill to the house - when open, you can see our blue and red "open" sign from Lovgreen Rd.

Additionally, Mike lives on the property and the winery is open whenever he's there, so you can consider PV to be ALWAYS OPEN if you call/txt 206-200-5902 ahead (most any reasonable hour) -- if I'm available, you'll be welcomed!

Wine Club

Last week we had our first Wine Club pickup party, and it was great!  Our Executive Chef Andrew MacMillen catered the munchies, featuring;
  Lemberger Duck Sliders with Garlic Rosemary Aioli
  Apple, Fennel & Celeriac Slaw
  Duck Fat Pan Fries
The food was fantastic!  A bunch of us got to hang out in the picnic area for a nice gathering, and of course to pick up our allocation of wine.  Everyone had a great time and took home some wonderful wine.

In case you're interested in our wine club, there are no fees to get in or out, you get 20% off all wine purchases, no tasting fees for you and guests, and you're only expected to buy 4 bottles, three times each year.  Consider joining the club next time you're in the tasting room, or simply reply to this email to let me know you're interested!

 Winery: Outlets, low stock

We're happy to announce several places where you can get PV wines!

The first is Bay Hay & Feed here in Rolling Bay on Bainbridge Island.  I've actually had wines there for a while, but I'm pretty sure I neglected to mention them in this newsletter.  They carry all my wines, as well as most of the other BI wineries.  They also have many of the local farmers products, I highly recommend them!

I'm also very pleased to announce that we have a new Seattle outlet - we're now at the Steelhead Diner in Pike Place Market.  Needless to say, with their seafood oriented menu, I'm proud to have our Melon de Bourgogne there.

I'd also like to remind folks that the Harbor Public House on Bainbridge Island also carries our Melon de Bourgogne.  They have what they call "Oyster Happy Hour", featuring "Buck a shuck" oysters.  This is only available Fridays 4pm-7pm, but they carry our MdB as they know what a fantastic paring this is.

Over the next month or so, we will be bottling all of our 2018 wines.  Our first work party is already full up, but we're signing up people for the rest of the bottling work parties now.  As usual, our Executive Chef Andrew will be catering the lunches, and will tailor the meals specifically to the wines we'll be bottling that day.  This is a lot of fun, I hope some of you will want to join in (simply reply to this email).  For more notifications like this, consider joining our pv-helpers email list.
Remaining bottling dates are:  Sat 21-Jul,  Sun 22-Jul,  Sat 03-Aug,  Sun 04-Aug

We're running low on our 2015 Syrah - if this is a favorite of yours, better come in soon to get some.

 July 4th sale!

In honor of Independence Day, we'll be having a one week only Red-White-and-Blau sale!  This will be a mixed partial-case, for 50% off!  (We need to make room to store the 2018 wines that we're about to bottle!)  This will be:
  1 btls  Syrah (sorry, only 1 as we're low on this one) - "red"
  2 btls  Siegerrebe - "white"
  1 btls  Melon de Bourgogne - more "white"
  2 btls  Lemberger - AKA Blaufrankisch - "blau"
Full price for this half-case is $155.  For this sale only, it's $77.50!  We also recommend pairing this with our already discounted 3-pack of Isletage at $45 for your Independence Day celebration sipping.

 Vineyard: Flowering, shoot thinning

The vineyard is just entering the flowering stage, this is my favorite time of year.  Winegrape flowers have a distinct rose-like bouquet, it's lovely.  When we're in the thick of the season, the smell is delightful!  Be sure to come out to a real working vineyard, and sniff!

Our biggest task right now is shoot thinning.  The grape plants will put out more shoots than is good for it, so we go through and strip some of them out.  It's time-consuming, but is a rewarding task.  If you're interested in learning about grape growing, please consider joining our pv-helpers email list.

 Press: Island Wanderer

A couple months ago, I was visited by Margaret Millmore, a local author and blogger.  She put together a nice article in her blog The Island Wanderer.  It's been a few eeks so you'll have to scroll down to the page selector, we're about half way down page 3 (29-Apr-2019).  The Island Wanderer article on PV.