Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2019 10:33:02 -0800
Subject: PV newsletter Feb-2019

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ Hours/events: Yukon Jackson's visit
 ▪ New releases: Frambelle is available!
 ▪ Wine on the Rock
Newsletter -- Feb-2019  ▪ Tasting room specials
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 ▪ Vineyard: Pruning season  ▪ Discount for taxi/Uber/Lyft

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Hours/events: Yukon Jackson's visit

Next weekend (Sat-Sun 09,10-Feb) is the big Valentine's Day weekend!  This year again, we will be graced with our noted chocolate maker, Keith Jackson of Yukon Jackson's.  Keith will be joining us in the tasting room from noon on Saturday 'til 4pm.  He'll be handing out special samples, and he's quite a character - be sure to make it here to meet him and taste our distinct wines!

Note that PV is open 5 days a week, 10am-6pm weekends, 11am-5pm Mon, Tue, Fri.  Check the sign on the barrel at the bottom of the driveway, and look up the hill to the house - when open, you can see our blue and red "open" sign from Lovgreen Rd.

Additionally, Mike lives on the property and the winery is open whenever he's there, so you can consider PV to be ALWAYS OPEN if you call/txt 206-200-5902 ahead (most any reasonable hour) -- if I'm available, you'll be welcomed!

New releases: Frambelle is available!

The latest Frambelle is spectacular - be sure to come in try it!  We were able to make a larger than usual lot of it this year, but I'm sure it'll still sell out rapidly.  It's available NOW in the tasting room.

Wine on the Rock

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the Bainbridge Island Wine on the Rock event.

This event will be continuing with most of the other wineries on Bainbridge, however, PV will no longer be participating.  We will be open for business as usual during WotR weekends, PV will simply not be participating in the purchased-online-pass, etc.  Mostly this is because it's just plain too busy!  Those of you who have visited PV on a normal day, have had the vineyard tour, have had the personal conversations with the winemaker, have simply had a very personal visit.  WotR weekends were so busy, that customers did not get anywhere near our usual high quality visit.  This and a few lesser reasons were enough for PV to drop out of the event this year.  (Please note that our neighbor Bainbridge Vineyards has also dropped out of WotR.)

Please do continue to come to Bainbridge on WotR weekends, of course we'd love to have you visit PV on those weekends too.  If you don't mind crowded wine-tasting rooms and busy parking areas, WotR is still a great value!  But if you are the type who prefer a more one-on-one experience, be sure to visit us at PV.

Tasting room specials

Please note that as of February our tasting fee has gone up to $10.  We now have 7 wines in our tasting, one of which is an expensive dessert wine.  We've always considered a PV tasting to be a good value (6 dry wines for $8), and we still feel that our new pricing is quite reasonable.

Also, we've got a special running - the Isletage dry white wine ($18) is now on special - a 3 pack for $45.  This is $15/bottle, a very affordable wine.  Come on in and take advantage of this!

Vineyard: Pruning season!

Pruning season has begun...  I'm already behind for this year, but I should be able to catch up...  If you're interested in learning about grapevine pruning, please consider joining our pv-helpers email list!

Discount for taxi/Uber/Lyft

We've noticed that (especially during the winter), the downtown Winslow winery tasting rooms may be fairly busy, yet we get less visitors up our driveway.  We're thinking that this is mostly because people are walking on to the ferry (not taking a car), and thus are sticking with the easy walk downtown.  We've decided to try making it worth your while to get transportation to come up and visit PV -- we will give you $10 off any wine purchase (be sure to ask for this discount if you took a taxi/Uber/Lyft).