Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2016 12:23:35 -0800
Subject: PV Newsletter Dec-2016
Perennial VintnersIn this issue:
  ▪ Hours: Fall season
  ▪ Huge Holiday Sale
  ▪ Tasting room: Verjus released
Newsletter -- Dec-2016  ▪ Bellingham Visit
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  ▪ Allegiance, the Movie-one night only  ▪ Vineyard: Quiet time then pruning

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Hours: Fall season

PV is open every weekend, 11am-5pm, year round.  During the Fall, on weekdays, we'll typically be here, but will close up about dusk.  Check the sign on the barrel at the bottom of the driveway for the closing time.

Additionally, Mike lives on the property and the winery is open whenever he's there, which is pretty much 7 days/week.  In other words, consider PV to be ALWAYS OPEN if you call/txt 206-200-5902 - most any reasonable hour; if I'm available, you'll be welcomed!  If you know where to look, we have one of those blue and red "open" signs that you see everywhere, and it can be seen from Lovgreen - if it's on, come up the driveway, we're definitely here!

Please note we'll be closing early - 2pm - on Sun 11-Dec and will not be open Mon 12-Dec.  (See Bellingham trip below.)

Huge Holiday Sale

As we celebrate the year coming to an end, we would like to thank you for all of your loyal support!  So... We are having a HUGE wine sale!

*40% off all wines when you purchase 12 bottles of:
  - our signature white - Melon de Bourgogne
  - or our signature red - Lemberger

*30% off all wines when you purchase 6 bottles of:
  - Melon de Bourgogne (can you tell we have lots to sell?)
  - or Lemberger

and then
*20% off all wines until the end of year!

*Frambelle discount applies only to the first 2 bottles.

Tasting room: Verjus released

We are excited to announce that our new 2016 verjus is now available for=20 sale, just in time for your holiday cooking.  We've made verjus in past=20 years, and it's always sold out quickly, so come and get it soon.

Also, we're sad to say that we're out of the 2014 Siegerrebe.  Our Frambelle 2014 (raspberry dessert=20 wine) is getting low as well, but should make it through the Holidays.

Bellingham Visit

Mike=20 will be making a sales junket to Bellingham.  If you're in the=20 Bellingham area, this would be a great time to stop in at your local=20 wine purveyor and mention that you would like to see Perennial Vintners=20 wines on their shelf.  I have appointments with most of the wine places=20 including grocery stores, so if you were to have already gotten them to think=20 about it, this encourage them to carry my wines.

Allegiance, the Movie-one night only

For those of you who have had the full tour at PV, you know how passionate I am about BI history, especially the Japanese Internment in WWII.  If you've heard my speech, I usually mention that George Takei (Sulu in original Star Trek), has written a musical play about this, and that it played on Broadway for several months early this year.  Well, it's not too late to see it - they filmed it for a movie, Allegiance - click here, which will show all across America one night only, on 13-Dec.  It will be showing in Seattle and Bellevue, and I already have my ticket to see it here, at the historic Lynwood Theater on BI, where the first Japanese were taken from their homes.  There is only one showing planned, and I'm sure it will sell out fast in advance so click on that link and get your tickets ASAP!

Vineyard: Quiet time, then pruning

This time of year it's quiet in the vineyard, all the work is done.  Next job will be pruning, but that needn't be started until we have a good freeze, or mid-Dec or even Jan.  If you're interested in learning about grape growing, or would simply enjoy spending time in a vineyard, you might want to get onto our pv-helpers email list.