Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2016 16:36:45 -0700
Subject: PV newsletter Nov-2016
Perennial Vintners In this issue:
  ▪ Hours, Fall season, WotR-next week!
  ▪ Recipes: Lemberger bottling party recipes
  ▪ Allegiance, the Movie-one night only
Newsletter -- Nov-2016   ▪ Tasting room: running low & new + volunteer opp
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  ▪ Recent press & WA winemaker passings   ▪ Vineyard: Fall update

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Hours, Fall season, WotR-next week!

Wine On The Rock: Six of the Bainbridge wineries will be open for a big event on 12,13-Nov; we'll all have wonderful food pairings with various charcuterie.  This is a passport-style event where you'll buy your tickets in advance at EventBright - click here.  (There will be a few tickets kept available at the door at each winery.)  Our Executive Chef, Andrew MacMillen, will coordinate delectable morsels from Butcher & Baker Provisions in Port Gamble.   (Please note that the food in the winery will be bite-sized samples.)

PV is open every weekend, 11am-5pm, year round.  During the Fall, on weekdays, we'll typically be here, but will close up about dusk.  Check the sign on the barrel at the bottom of the driveway for the closing time.

Open sign Additionally, Mike lives on the property and the winery is open whenever he's there, which is pretty much 7 days/week.  In other words, consider PV to be ALWAYS OPEN if you call/txt 206-200-5902 - most any reasonable hour; if I'm available, you'll be welcomed!  If you know where to look, we have one of those blue and red "open" signs that you see everywhere, and it can be seen from Lovgreen - if it's on, come up the driveway, we're definitely here!

Recipes: Lemberger bottling party recipes

Our executive Chef Andrew MacMillan has posted the recipes for our Lemberger bottling party.  This was a wonderful meal, be sure to try them out.  (Apologies for not getting around to doing a newsletter sooner so you'd get them.)

Allegiance, the Movie-one night only

For those of you who have had the full tour at PV, you know how passionate I am about BI history, especially the Japanese Internment in WWII.  If you've heard my speech, I usually mention that George Takei (Sulu in original Star Trek), has written a musical play about this, and that it played on Broadway for several months early this year.  Well, it's not too late to see it - they filmed it for a movie, Allegiance - click here, which will show all across America one night only, on 13-Dec.  It will be showing in Seattle and Bellevue, and I already have my ticket to see it here, at the historic Lynwood Theater on BI, where the first Japanese were taken from their homes.  There is only one showing planned, and I'm sure it will sell out fast in advance so click on that link and get your tickets ASAP!

Tasting room: running low & new + volunteer opp

We are excited to announce that our new 2016 verjus is in the bottle, and we hope to have this available in time for your holiday cooking, in other words in a week.  We've made verjus in past years, and it's always sold out quickly, so watch this email list for the announcement when we have it labeled and ready to sell.

We have sold out of Madeliene Angevine - we do have the 2015 in the bottle, but it's not labeled yet so it may not be available until the new year.  We're also down to the last few cases of the 2014 Siegerrebe.  Our Frambelle 2014 (raspberry dessert wine) is getting low, but should make it through the Holidays.

So as mentioned above, the weekend of 12-Nov is going to be a busy one!  I'm hoping to get another helper in the tasting room for those two days.  If anyone is interested in helping out, I'd really appreciate it...  I'd especially appreciate someone with retail experience, preferably using the Square point-of-sale, but this isn't necessary.  Simply reply to this email and let me know which day(s) you can help.  Also, if you're interested in opportunities like this in general, please consider joining our pv-helpers email list or reply to this email.

Recent Press & WA winemaker passings

Great NW Wine did a 2 part article on how climate change is affecting WA/OR winegrowing.  Part 1 here: Washington Wine Growers, Irrigators Grapple with Climate Change, part 2 here: Climate change presents possibilities, challenges for WA wine industry.  They both include discussions with my friend Brent at Lopez Island Vineyard, a cool-climate Puget Sound AVA vineyard and winery, and discussion with local industry notable Greg Jones from OSU.

I also have sad news for long-time WA wine fans.  A few weeks ago a good friend and strong influence on me has passed away.  Mike Wallace of Hinzerling Winery in Prosser has passed, article here at Prosser mourns 2 winery owners who died this week - Great NW Wine.  Also here at Prosser reeling from 2 winemaker deaths - Tri-City Herald.  I first met Mike at a tiny wine shop in Olympia approx 1985 where he was pouring wine for interested customers.  I was very impressed with his wines, and what he was bringing to WA wine, and he was just a great guy.  This was the event that drew me into the industry, eventually leading to my starting up my own vineyard and winery.  Rest in peace my friend.

Vineyard: Fall update

This year started out exceptionally warm (see our GDD chart here), but the trend become more towards normal as the year progressed.  The annual GDD cycle has completed (31-Oct), we're officially the third warmest year on record at PV.  In June I predicted (in a public newsletter) that we'd get to 2000 GDD this year, and in Sep I revised that up slightly to 2075 GDD.  My original guess was pretty good, my final was dead on - we ended up at 2075 GDD!

This time of year we're done in the vineyard, the last thing was to wind up the bird netting which I finished last week.  Next job will be pruning, but that needn't be started until we have a good freeze, or mid-Dec or even Jan.  If you're interested in learning about grape growing, or would simply enjoy spending time in a vineyard, you might want to get onto our pv-helpers email list.