Date: Thu, 26 May 2016 13:38:33 -0700
Subject: PV newsletter May-2016
Perennial VintnersIn this issue:
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  ▪ Events: Wrap up of last month
  ▪ Events: Wine on the Rock wknd
Newsletter -- May-2016  ▪ Vineyard: updates
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Hours/Events: Open Mem. day wknd

This weekend is Memorial Day, with all wineries on Bainbridge open.  PV will be open the usual Sat-Sun 11am-5pm, PLUS we'll also be open Mon 11am-5pm.  Note that PV offers a discount with military ID.

PV is open every weekend, 11am-5pm.  Additionally, Mike lives on the property and the winery is open whenever he's there, which is pretty much 7 days/week.  In other words, consider us to be ALWAYS OPEN!  Feel free to call/txt my cell 206-200-5902 most any reasonable hour; if I'm available, you'll be welcomed!

Events: Wrap up of last month

Last month was a very busy month for PV, so I just thought I'd recap those events.

Firstly, Bainbridge Island renowned photographer Joel Sackett had an exhibit for First Friday Art Walk at the BPA, which featured a set of photographs of us small commercial farms here on Bainbridge.  Of course Perennial Vintners was present, we're the bottom center in the panel.  (Click photo on left to view full size on website.)

Mike also poured our wines at both the Bainbridge Island and the Poulsbo Girl's Night Out events!  They were both great fun!  Poulsbo was at Crimson Cove Smoked Specialties, and was very busy!  Bainbridge was at Meli Melo, and was a nice quiet pace all evening, we had the time to talk to everyone which was nice.

Mike was back at Crimson Cove again the following week for the Save KPLU event in Poulsbo.  This was also quite busy, and lots of fun!  Tizley's Europub (upstairs from Crimson Cove) was the hub of the event (co-owner Tammy Matson organized the whole thing!), and they had a special dinner that evening for KPLU donors with KPLU staff members Matt Martinez and Joey Cohn.  Tammy chose to a feature our Siegerrebe for one of the meal courses, and I had the privilege of addressing this group of people, telling them about PV and our wines, and got to thank them all for being a part of saving something important to me - KPLU.

Mike also poured wine at the SLURP shellfish event in Olympia, with volunteer Serena.  This was a big and busy event with lots of wineries, plus beer and spirits, and more shellfish than you can imagine on one place at one time!  We had lots of interest from the locals, and are looking forward to getting PV wines into an Olympia area shop soon.

Events: Wine on the Rock weekend

The Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island (WABI), will be having a big summer event with all wineries open.  This is a pre-paid event where you'll get to keep your logo glass, and will get free tastings at all the wineries.  Each winery will have live music, and special food pairings for ticket holders.  You can get your tickets here (Eventbrite).

Vineyard: updates

This month is a really rewarding time in the vineyard.  Everything is green and shooting up like crazy!  It's also a busy time - there's always more weeding to do, but the most immediate task is called shoot thinning.  Each plant must be hand cleared of excess growth - Mother Nature has grapevines putting out lots of little shoots every year, but we need to clear out extras.  This allows us to get our sprays into the canopy more effectively for powdery mildew and botrytis control, and prevents the plant from trying to ripen more crop than it can really handle.  I'm part way through, and have a solid work week left to go.  If you're interested spending some time in a vineyard and learning about growing grapes, please consider joining our pv-helpers email list or reply to this email.

Winery: Updates

Warning - this weekend is likely to be the last call to get Isletage - we are almost out!

We're sad to say goodbye to the Winslow Drug store last week, after 56 years in business they closed their doors last week.  However, this did give us a few small opportunities - we bought their electric "open" sign, and a bunch of really nice reversible jackets with "Bainbridge Island" embroidered on them - they're very nice, and quite reasonably priced for the quality - I'm keeping one for myself!  We also got a mountain of candy, this I'm giving away for free.


A really exciting thing that happened last month is that Mike is consulting on the creation of another new western WA vineyard!  It's in the Olympia area, but don't get too excited as it'll be about four years before their first harvest...

If you've followed this newsletter for a while you'll know that I said "another" because I'm already working with Port Townsend Vineyards establishing a vineyard and winery there.  This week we planted another several acres, bringing it up to 15 acres!  When you're coming into town on the main highway, look left just before the first roundabout and you'll see the new construction of the new winery building.  There will be more vineyard here, going in next year.  Also, once you're downtown on Water Street, almost to the marina at the point, you'll see the Clapp Building being renovated - that'll be a new tasting room area.  It's an amazing and ambitious project, I am thrilled to a be a part of it!

If you're working on a vineyard and/or winery project here on the cool-climate west side of the Cascade mountains, please contact me.  I am happy to offer general advice on what's involved in starting up, and would love to work with you in more detail as your project gets off the ground.  Reply to this email if interested.