Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 17:46:53 -0800
Subject: Perennial Vintners newsletter Jan-2016
Perennial VintnersIn this issue:
  ▪ Hours/Events: Open almost always; Renton pouring
  ▪ New year, new (lower!) prices; running low & new
  ▪ Press: Tasting room magazine; Paint & Sip
Newsletter -- Jan-2016  ▪ Wine Club special
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  ▪ Pruning season is here  ▪ Puget Sound WineGrowers Assoc.

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Hours/Events: Open almost always; Renton pouring

PV is open every weekend, 11am-5pm.   Additionally, Mike lives on the property and the winery is open whenever he's there, which is pretty much 6 days/week.   Feel free to call/txt my cell 206-200-5902; if I'm available, you'll be welcomed!   Now having said that, there is an exception on the horizon...   From Sun 24-Jan through Mon 01-Feb, Mike will be out of town, doing pruning at another vineyard and attending a meeting (see below Pruning and PSWG items).

Mike will be pouring PV wines at All Things Wine in Renton on Fri 22-Jan.   I'll be there from 4pm, they're open latish, 'til 9pm.   The shop owner, Wayne, is wonderful guy who is excellent at getting to know his customers and their taste.   Last time I did this with him I was amazed at how he can zero in on what someone may enjoy, including remembering his existing customers' taste.   Come and and join the fun!

New year, new (lower!) prices; running low & new

For the new year, we've decided to lower some of our prices.   The most dramatic change is the Melon de Bourgogne.   As we are the only winery in WA state producing this wine, we've had a high price on it.   The 2014 harvest was huge, so for the first time ever, we have lots of it to sell - we want to make sure that people can experience this wine.   We've lowered the price from $31 to $24.   Isletage has dropped from $14 to $12, Lemberger 2013 has dropped from $21 to $18 as we're down to the last few cases.   Syrah has dropped from $24 to $22 as we have plenty of it and it's very popular!   Lastly, our fabulous Frambelle which has had the same price for years, has dropped from $21 to $20.

Last chance on 2013 Dry Rose' - we'll be out of this within a week or so.   We won't have another Rose' until the 2015 release late Spring.   We're also nearly out of 2013 Lemberger, this should be out within a month.

We're now pouring almost all of our new wines, including 2014 Melon de Bourgogne, 2014 Mueller Thurgau, 2014 Madeleine Angevine, 2014 Syrah, 2014 Siegerrebe.   If you've tasted Sieg in the past, you know how wonderful this wine is!   The 2014 is fantastic, the best I've made yet - come on out and try it!

Tasting room magazine; Paint & Sip

Tasting Room magazine has a section in the latest edition, called "Movers and Shakers" - yours truly is one of them!   In the magazine itself, it's a full page of these photos and a brief profile of each winery and winemaker.   Click here for Mike's photo and writeup.

A fun event we've had at the winery several times last year was called the Social Paint & Sip, a local group from Poulsbo.   The organizer, Lauriann, brings everything you need to do your own canvas painting, and everyone shares in the fun of creation and sipping wine.   They've done this at D'Vine wines in Kingston, KitsapArt, and here at the winery.   In the summer, it's wonderful to paint outside in the vineyard, though now that the weather's not so nice the group takes over the kitchen and living room in the house - but it's still lots of fun.   The next event will be Thu 21-Jan 6:30pm - click on the link above to join up via

Wine Club Special

You may have noticed in the previous item, that we're pouring "almost" all or our new wines in the tasting room.   We're keeping back the 2014 Lemberger especially for our Wine Club members.   Once we run out of the 2013 it'll become available to all, but right now come on in for the preview!

Our next Wine Club pickup will be Sat 06-Feb.   I'm working with Andrew, our Executive Chef to come up with a special light meal for that evening, stay tuned.   Our wine Club gives you free tastings, and 20% off on all sales, plus special events just for members, and no fees - reply to this email if interested in joining.

Pruning season is here

This year pruning is going to be bigger than ever for me!   Not only do I have my own vineyard and the leased properties around me to do, but this year I am also working for the Port Townsend Vineyard folks that I've mentioned in past newsletters.   They have about 7 acres of new plants to do in PT, plus, we're also working with Brent at Lopez Island Vineyard to help him with his vineyard in exchange for some of his grapes so that PTV can have some wine in the bottle before their own vineyard produces it's first crop.   So overall, this means I've got about 3 times more work to do this year!   If you're interested in learning about pruning grapes, and/or just think it would be fun to spend some time in a vineyard, please consider joining our pv-helpers email list or reply to this email.

Puget Sound WineGrowers Assoc.

If you're interested in cool-climate grape growing, in addition to helping in the vineyard (see previous item on Pruning), you might also be interested in the Puget Sound WineGrowers Association.   Mike has been a member for many years, most of those years on the Board of Directors.   Those of us who have vineyards here on the west side of the Cascade mountains have formed this association for sharing ideas, education, pooling resources for sales, and generally as an excuse to keep in touch!   We meet each calendar quarter, next meeting is 01-Feb at South Seattle Community College.   We'll talk business for a few hours, then we change over to trying each others unique cool-climate wines, and catching up with each other and networking.   If you have your own backyard vineyard, you'll be welcomed to join us!   This is a chance to ask all those questions you have about grape growing in-person with a professional.   (Reply to this email for more details.)