Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 12:11:13 -0700
Subject: Newsletter July 2015
Perennial VintnersIn this issue:
 ▪ Sched: FotF Dinner, Paint & Sip, Movie fundraiser
 ▪ Tasting room: Sneak preview 2014 PS AVA white
 ▪ Vineyard: Quiet time, irrigating
Newsletter -- Jul-2015 ▪ Winery: Bottling work parties
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 ▪ Reviews/awards: Seattle Times ▪ Misc: Running low & upcoming wines

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Sched: Farm to Table Dinner, Paint & Sip, Movie fundraiser
Friends of the Farms is having their annual farm-to-table-dinner Thu 13-Aug 6pm-9pm at the farmers market area behind Bainbridge Island City Hall.  PV has our wines at this event each year, and we are looking forward to it again this year.  Sign up for some wonderful food put together by wonderful Bainbridge restaurants, and as much as possible, using ingredients grown on Bainbridge.  Visit their website for details and tickets.

A local Kitsap MeetUp group will be doing an event here at PV on Sun 09-Aug.  I'm sure it'll be fun!  If you're interested, you can look up the group "social paint & sip at".

Our label artist Dianne Gardner, is working on raising funds for a movie production, the pilot for a series entitled Cassandra's Castle.  It's happening on the historic boat "The Kirkland" that used to run between Astoria OR and up the WA coast.  The boat is docked in Bremerton, the event is Sat. 08-Aug 6pm-9pm.  PV will be donating auction items, and Mike will be there pouring PV wines.  For more info and to rsvp your spot, visit their website.

Please note that PV is at three Farmers Markets this year.  First Saturday of the month you'll find Bailey at the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, second Sat. at Poulsbo, and third Sat. at Kingston.

The next all-wineries-open weekend is 15,16-Aug.  (And remember, you can save money by bringing your unused iPhone earbuds for a discount on PV=20 wines.)

Also note that PV is open every weekend, Sat. and Sun 11am-5pm.  However, I'm at the winery pretty much 7 days a week, so call/txt my cell 206-200-5902 - if I'm around, I'd be happy to greet you and give you the private vineyard tour, or you can of course just stop in for a minute to buy wine!  Or if you're in the neighborhood, just come up the driveway to check - if I'm around, you'll be served.

Tasting room: Sneak preview 2014 PS AVA white
This last week we've been previewing the just-bottled-last-week 2014 Mueller Thurgau.  We can't sell it yet as we don't have labels, but it's in progress.  We'll be doing more bottling in the next month, so there will be others soon.

Vineyard: Quiet time, irrigating
Flowering is finished, in fact, we're nearly at cluster closure.  This is many weeks early, this has been a phenomenal growing year!  At this point, we're done with all the big vineyard tasks.  There's some minor picking up like a little tucking, wire moving and hedging, but other than that, it's mostly spraying.

Here in the Puget Sound AVA, most of us are not equipped to irrigate our grapes.  Once the plant is established, specifically after the first year, there is usually enough water in the ground for the plants to make it on their own.  My neighbors have had winegrapes in the ground here on Bainbridge since 1974, and have not had to irrigate before this year.  It has been so warm and the ground is so dry, I'm starting to see leaf browning which indicates insufficient water to the plant.  You may have seen my rainwater catchment pond, well this year I've already almost pulled it dry, just irrigating new plants that I put in this year, and it's not yet August!  I may have to use expensive house water to irrigate - and to irrigate established vines!

Winery: Bottling work parties
Last weekend we had a work party, and bottled 2 wines.  (There's some photos on our FaceBook page.)  Andrew's catered Peruvian dishes were a fantastic match with the wines we bottled that day.  (Watch the recipes section of the PV website for the recipes.)  It was a nice leisurely day as we only did two of the three wines I had planned on, as one was not ready yet.  We have two or three more bottling work parties yet to go by the end of August, so please consider joining our pv-helpers email list for notices about this and many other educational opportunities.  Andrew will of course be catering with wines paired specifically for the wines we'll be bottling that day.

Reviews/awards: Seattle Times
Last Sunday (12-Aug-2015) the Seattle times published an article about Kiona Vineyards' Lemberger grapes, and included a sidebar about 3 of the wines produced from there - the first listed was mine!  It was written by Andy Perdue, same fellow who included the nice review of this same wine that I mentioned in last months newsletter.

Misc: Running low & upcoming wines
As predicted in the previous newsletter, we're now out of the 2011 Viognier.  Also as predicted, we're down to the last few cases of the Frambelle from Akio's last batch of raspberries - the 2012.  This week will be your last chance to own a piece of Bainbridge Island history!  But have no fear of not being able to get Frambelle in the future, the 2013, grown by Akio's protege Karen Selvar, is ready to take it's place and it's delicious!