Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 10:27:48 -0700
Subject: PV newsletter Jun-2015
Perennial VintnersIn this issue:
 ▪ Sched: this wknd (all BI wineries), Frmr Mkts
 ▪ Tasting room: Tank sample: 2014 PS AVA white
 ▪ Vineyard: Flowering, leaf & shoot thinning
Newsletter -- Jun-2015 ▪ Winery: Bottling party
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 ▪ Reviews/awards: Great NW Wine ▪ Misc: Running low & upcoming wines

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Sched: this wknd (all BI wineries), Frmr Mkts
The next all-Bainbridge-wineries-open event is this weekend, Sat, Sun 20,21-Jun.  PV opens at 11am, the others at noon.  Those of you who made it last month got a sneak preview of one of our 2014 PS AVA wines - this time we'll have another (different)  tank sample - be sure to come in and be the first to try it!  Visit WABI website for more info.  (And remember, you can save money by bringing your unused iPhone earbuds for a discount on PV wines.)

And note that PV is at three Farmers Markets this year.  First Saturday of the month you'll find Bailey at the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, second Sat. at Poulsbo, and third Sat. at Kingston.

Also note that PV is open every weekend, Sat. and Sun 11am-5pm.  However, I'm at the winery pretty much 7 days a week, so call/txt my cell 206-200-5902 - if I'm around, I'd be happy to greet you and give you the private vineyard tour, or you can of course just stop in for a minute to buy wine!  Or if you're in the neighborhood, just come up the driveway to check - if I'm around, you'll be served.

Tasting room: Tank sample: 2014 PS AVA white
Last month we had a special sneak preview of the 2014 Siegerrebe.  This month we'll do this again for another of our Puget Sound AVA whites.  If you want to know which one, you'll just have to come by to try it!  We'll be bottling this wine 11-Jul (see below for work party info), and it's wonderful - so be sure to come in this weekend...

Vineyard: Flowering, leaf & shoot thinning
Most people have never had the pleasure of smelling a grape flower.  It is a completely distinctive smell, the only thing at all like it might be a rose - I've always wondered why you can't buy this as a commercial perfume...  This is the time of year, the vineyards are in flower now, for 2-3 weeks.  If you're a wine connoisseur, or merely wine-interested, you should definitely come out to a real vineyard, and stick your nose into a grape flower, it's stunning!

Our current vineyard task is shoot thinning.  Grape plants put out lots and lots of shoots which, left unchecked, would take over the trellis and make for a completely out-of-control plant.  We must go through and tear off many extra shoots.  Additionally, we must pull many of the leaves off the shoots in the fruit zone.  This way, with airflow and sunlight getting through the canopy to the clusters, the grapes will dry out after rain and dew, and allows our sprays to get in to the fruit.  If we didn't do this, Powdery Mildew and Botrytis mold would destroy the fruit.  I love teaching the art of doing vineyard work, if this sounds like it could be fun (it can be) and educational (it is), consider joining our pv-helpers email list.

Winery: Bottling party
Sun 11-Jul we'll be bottling several of our 2014 wines.  Our Executive Chef Andrew MacMillen will cater the lunch and tailor the food specifically to match the wines we're bottling that day.  It'll be super fun, and you'll learn lots!  If you're not already, please consider joining our pv-helpers email list for notices about this and many other educational opportunities.

Reviews/awards: Great NW Wine
In the latest Great Northwest Wine issue, they included a nice review of our 2013 Lemberger.  They did not contact me, I'm not sure how they got the bottle, but I'm guessing it was an extra from one of the contests I entered earlier in the year.  Who knows, they may have even bought a bottle at a store!  Anyways, it's a nice review and you can read it at:

Misc: Running low & upcoming wines
Since the last newsletter, as predicted, we've run out of the 2011 Syrah.  As there was no 2012 or 2013 Syrah, we'll have to wait for the 2014 to be ready, hopefully early next year.  We're down to the last few cases of the Viognier, and we won't be making it again.  It was a wonderful wine, but it was really just a standin for the 2011 year when we had no local harvest - we have plenty of local whites to take it's place.  We're now out of the 2012 Isletage, and are now into the 2013 (I personally think this one is even better than the 2012).  The current Frambelle is from 2012 and should last another month, but have no fear the 2013 is ready.