Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 16:20:54 -0800
Subject: August newsletter

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Schedule: Open this wknd
Our next official open day is this weekend, Labor Day, 31-Aug,01,02-Sep.  This is a Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island event with all wineries open all days.  We'll be open 11am 'til 5pm, the other wineries open at noon.  The weather forecast is for full out sun, after the next day or so of heavy rain, so come on out and enjoy the last few days of really nice weather with a glass of wine from French winegrapes at the picnic table or wandering the vineyard.

Wine in progress:
The 2013 harvest is looking fantastic!  It will be our largest local harvest to date.  The Frambelle is done fermenting, it's tasting superb already.  We will be getting an excellent harvest of Melon de Bourgogne, so mid-2014 we'll have our signature wine available again!

The 2012 wines will be bottled in about two weeks.  If you've ever wanted to see what small-scale bottling is like, this is your chance!  I'll be calling for volunteers on our  helpers email list in a few days when I solidify the schedule - please consider signing up on that list, or replying to this newsletter email to be put on it.

Also please note that we are now out of verjus -- again this year the Herbfarm in Woodinville bought the last of it for their 100 mile dinner.

Learn winemaking now
Starting in about a week, it will be time to start this years winemaking in earnest.  We'll need to be testing the grapes for ripeness, acid levels, sugar levels, etc.  I will teach you how to do this using my equipment, and you will be able to make a small batch of wine from my Pinot Gris grapes.  Simply reply to this email and let me know you're interested.

New outlets:
We've just entered into an agreement with Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, some of our wines will be served in their Bistro!  We have several other new outlets in progress, but I probably shouldn't announce them 'til they're for sure.

Also, for those of you following the shipping saga, the CA paperwork was returned after a month for there not including a check.  (I had included a note saying the check will arrive separately from a bank online bill pay.)  Then, months later, they sent the check back, saying the re was no paperwork with it...  <sigh>.  So I've started the process all over again...

Vineyard: Quiet time
The vineyard is mostly done with for the year, at this point we're mostly just waiting for Mother Nature to finish the job of ripening.   We do still have to spray for Botrytis mold, but other than that it's just trying to catch up on weeding.  It's a beautiful time to visit the vineyard as the grapes have gone through veraison, meaning they 're ripening and turning color.

In the news:
The Seattle Times Parade section had an interesting article on cool climate winegrapes including mention of Perennial Vintners and our friend Brent at Lopez Island Vineyards.
Crossbred grapes bring their best to make unique whites