Subject: [PV-Friends] February newsletter
Date: 02/14/2013 4:17 PM

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ Schedule: Valentines Wknd
 ▪ Current releases
 ▪ Farmers Markets: Seattle/Bellevue poll
Newsletter -- Feb-2013  ▪ Vineyard: Pruning, establish new block
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 ▪ New outlets: Port Townsend/Angeles  

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Schedule: Valentines Wknd
Our next official open day is the Valentines Day weekend 16,17-Feb.  This is a Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island event with all wineries open both days.  We'll be open 11am 'til 5pm, the other wineries open at noon.  Special notes for this weekend:
  -  We'll be barrel tasting (well, actually tank tasting) our new Syrah red wine.
  -  This will be a very rare event - we'll be pouring Magelica.
  -  We'll also have chocolate from Yukon Jacksons made with our Frambelle wine!
  -  And Keith Jackson, the chocolate maker of Yukon Jackson's will be serving his products on Saturday!

Current releases
We currently have available (*=pouring now) (+=pouring this wknd only):
   2010  Müller Thurgau*
   2011  Madeleine Angevine*
   2011  Viognier*
   2011  Rosé*
   2011  Lemberger*
   2011  Syrah+
   2011  Frambelle*
   2010  Magelica+
   2011  Verjus

Farmers Markets: Seattle/Bellevue poll
This year PV is planning to continue to sell wine at one or two farmers markets on the other side of Puget Sound...  I'm interested in which markets you think would be the best.  Feel free to reply to this email, including just a few words saying which markets are your favorite.  I'm considering many Seattle neighborhood markets, even Bellevue and Mercer Island.

Vineyard: Pruning, establish new block
In the vineyard we're grinding away through annual pruning.  If you work outdoors, you know that this year has been a wonderfully dry Winter.  I'm about 3/4 done with whole job, will probably be done by end of Feb.  (Usually I'm panicing in late Mar as I'm running out of time...)  This means that if you want to learn about growing grapevines, you'll want to make an appt. to come out fairly soon.  Another job is the periphery, clearing blackberry vines out of the fence, repairing the fence, etc.  Of course this is also an excellent time to be weeding, while the ground is soft, but that'll have to wait 'til pruning is done.

Our next big project will be to expand the vineyard block above the driveway.  If you've been by the winery in the past year, you've seen the clearing permit fading on the fence.  The goal is to do this work very soon, so keep your eye on the hillside as you go by.  There will be plenty of work to do starting with clearing, then planting, putting in posts and wires, etc., so please consider joining our helpers email list so you can find out when we'll be doing things, we could really use your help!

New outlets: Port Townsend/Angeles
A few weeks ago, we made a sales junket to the Port Townsend and Port Angeles areas.  This was wonderfully productive, we are now restocked at a past outlet (The Wine  Seller, PT), and have two new outlets, The Food Co-Op (PT) and Wine On The Waterfront (PA).  This was my first trip up there in several years, and I had a great time - it's a lovely area.  On our return trip, Andrew (PV's Executive Chef who was with me) had us stop at Sunny Farms Country Store in Sequim, wonderful place with amazing specials; this is a definite-must-do stop, especially for "foodies".