Subject: [PV-Friends] October Newsletter
Date: 10/16/2012 11:33 AM

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ Newsletters: apologies
 ▪ Schedule: Thanksgiving Weekend
 ▪ Releases: lots!
Newsletter -- Oct-2012  ▪ Farmers Markets: Broadway Mkt, BIFM goes indoors
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 ▪ Vineyard: Harvest!  ▪ Recipes: for MdB, Müller, Rosé, and Lemberger

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Newsletters: apologies
My apologies for the lack of newsletters this year, the last one I sent was May...  Here it is mid-October, and for the first time this year I've managed to make the time to write a newsletter...  I promise to keep more on top of it in the future!

As you're probably aware, this email (pv-friends) is intended to be monthly, roughly the 15th of the month.  There's also the pv-helpers list which I send to whenever I could use some help, and/or for those of you who wish to learn grape growing, or the winery trade.  Both of these can be found at the PV website, on the left bar click "Our News & newsletters", then "Our Newsletters".

Schedule: Thanksgiving Weekend
Our next official open day is the Thanksgiving Day weekend 23,24,25-Nov.  This is a Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island event with all wineries open both days that weekend plus Friday.  We'll be open 11am 'til 5pm, the other wineries open at noon.  Special notes for the weekend:
  -  We'll be barrel tasting our new Syrah red wine.
  -  This will be a very rare event - we'll be pouring Magelica.
  -  We'll also have chocolate from Yukon Jacksons made with our Frambelle wine!

Releases: lots!
We currently have available (*=pouring):           Coming soon (*=very soon):
  2010  Müller Thurgau, Estate*                          2011  Madeleine Angevine, Puget Sound AVA*
  2011  Rosé, Columbia Valley AVA*                 2011  Viognier, Rattlesnake Hills AVA*
  2011  Lemberger, Red Mtn AVA*                     2011  Orange Muscat, Rattlesnake Hills AVA
  2011  Frambelle, Bainbridge*                          2011  Syrah, Rattlesnake Hills AVA
  2010  Magelica, Estate                                     2012  Siegerrebe, Estate
  2011  Verjus, Estate

Farmers Markets: Broadway Mkt, BIFM goes indoors
Although the season is winding down, we're still at the Broadway Farmer's Market in Seattle, every other week.  Drop in and visit Kate -- she's been selling PV wines all season and is having a great time!  She's there every other weekend, next time will be 28-Oct.

At this time we're not at the weekly Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, however we will be there for the Winter Indoor Market season starting 17-Nov.  Stop in and get a nicely boxed Frambelle - it's a superb gift for your host at a Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas party.  We should also have the Frambelle chocolate truffles, a great gift for your sweetie!

Vineyard: Harvest!
It's that time of year -- harvest!  With this year's cold lousy Spring, followed by a hot dry summer, the grapes are a bit confused...  The early ripening varieties have been earlier than normal, and the later-ripening are later than normal.  We also have a very small crop as the poor spring weather reduced overall fruit set.  The grapes that are there, are in excellent shape (thanks to the new weather station courtesy of HawkFeather Web Design I've done a better job of spraying this year), it's just that there's fewer clusters than in a normal year.

We harvested our first estate Siegerrebe early, and the Estate Madeleine Angevine about normal time.  We're expecting to harvest Müller Thurgau this weekend, and the Melon de Bourgogne perhaps a week later.  If you're interested in participating in harvesting, crushing, pressing, or just plain winemaking, please consider joining our helpers email list so you can find out when we'll be doing things.

Recipes: for MdB, Müller, Rosé, and Lemberger
Chef Andrew has been kept busy this last month with 3 bottling menus!
   07-Sep  Albacore with Fennel, Roasted Garlic Polenta, Green Beans with Tomatoes
                  - paired with 2009 Melon de Bourgogne and 2010 MüllerThurgau
  08-Sep   Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Rice & Peas, Coleslaw with Creamy Peanut Dressing
                  - paired with 2010 MüllerThurgau and 2011 Pinot Noir Rosé
  25-Sep   Italian Sausage, Pepper & Onion Hoagies, Italian Potato Salad
                  - paired with 2011 Lemberger
Visit the PV website Recipes page, these are the newest 3 entries near the top of the page.