Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 11:44:01 -0700
Subject: [PV-Friends] April newsletter

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ New Releases!
 ▪ Open at Farmers Markets this Weekend
 ▪ Vineyard - Cuttings, Plants & Canes Now
Newsletter -- Apr-2011  ▪ Farmers Market Tasting Senate Bill
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 ▪ Open Winery Weekend (16,17-Apr)  ▪ PV Private Wine Tastings

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New Releases!
We have just run out of the 2008 Müller Thurgau.  As of tomorrow, for the first time, we will be selling the 2009 Müller Thurgau.  Additionally, I'm not sure if I included this in a previous newsletter, but we have been selling the 2009 Melon de Bourgogne for a few weeks now.  All our wines are now the 2009 vintage -- thank you to our loyal customers who have helped us get here.

Open at Farmers Markets this Weekend
The Bainbridge Island Farmers Market opens this weekend (tomorrow, Sat. 09-Apr), and Perennial Vintners will be there again this year, sharing our booth with Paulson Farms.  Carol has wonderful soaps and fresh eggs, her partner Mike Paulson has wood cutting boards and flower boxes, and of course you'll find Perennial Vintners wines.  Later in the season there will also be lots of interesting plants and fresh greens available.

Additionally, this year we'll be selling at the Poulsbo Farmers Market.  Initially it will be only Perennial Vintners, but we may share with Paulson Farms there later in the season.

Both markets are open 9am-1pm each Saturday from 09-Apr through late October.  Please come visit these family-friendly events.

Vineyard - Cuttings, Plants & Canes Now
In the vineyard we've finished up all the pruning, yay!  We still have to pick up canes before mowing the over-winter cover crop, then we can start weeding, more fun!  As always, if you're interested in learning about grape growing, the best way to do it is hands-on -- consider joining our helpers email list.

We now have piles of canes from which you can grow a new grape plant.  (This is how full scale vineyards are made.)  If you would like to have your own vineyard in your backyard, and would like to have grapes that actually ripen in our cool climate, this is your chance.  Simply reply to this email, and let me know of your interest.  PV can make cuttings for you, or in some cases we have year-old plants ready to go.

We also have mountains of cuttings that can be used for garden sculpture, wreathes, craft fences, etc.  These are available by the armload in front of the winery on our open days, or reply to this email.

Please note that as the canes dry out, they become brittle and unusable either for propagating or for art, so if you're interested, be sure to act within the next few weeks.

Farmers Market Tasting Senate Bill
The farmers market tasting pilot program has passed both the House and the Senate!  What remains now is administrative; the Governor signs it into law.  Special thanks to those of you who contacted your Senator with your support.

The bill sets up a Pilot Program where 10 farmers markets across the state will be allowed to have one winery offer tasting for customers.  I've been emailing people and letting them know that I feel Bainbridge Island would be a good choice.  If I get an opportunity to launch an email campaign or some such, I'll be sure to let you all know and ask for your support again.  Again, thank you!

Open Winery Weekend (16,17-Apr)
We are open to the public next weekend, Sat and Sun 16,17-Apr.  This is a WABI event where all the wineries on Bainbridge will be open.  The long range forecast is looking decent, and a springtime visit to freshly pruned vineyards is always exciting.  Hope to see you here!

PV Private Wine Tastings
We're considering doing private wine tastings for small groups of people on our wine list -- this will probably become the official PV Wine Club.  We have now been making wine long enough to have several years of all of our varietals; we'll start by having Vertical Tastings (multiple vintages of the smae wine).  We had a trial run recently, and it was well received -- special thanks to our Executive Chef Andrew MacMillen for crafting incredible dishes to pair with our Müller Thurgaus (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009).  If you'd like to attend such an event, please reply to this email so we can gauge interest.