Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2011 22:46:54 -0800
Subject: [PV-Friends] Newsletter Feb-2011

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ Open this weekend!
 ▪ Last chance for 2008 Melon
 ▪ Vineyard - Pruning and free cuttings
Newsletter -- Feb-2011  ▪ Grape canes for wreathes
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 ▪  Business partner wanted  

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Open this weekend!
We are open to the public for the first time of the year, this coming weekend.  Sat, Sun 12,13-Feb from 10am to 5pm.  Weather forecast is not bad, though not great, so the vineyard tours will probably be limited.  We will be pouring all 4 of our current releases.  Frambelle is specially priced for Valentine's Day weekend at $17 (this weekend only, and only at the winery).

Last chance for 2008 Melon
If you're a fan of our Muscadet-style wine, this is your last chance to build a "vertical" yourself.  I expect to be sold out of WA state's only 2008 Melon de the end of the weekend.  It's a wonderful wine, don't miss this chance!

Vineyard - Pruning and free cuttings
As reported in the Jan newsletter, pruning begins in Jan, and continues through Feb, probably into Mar.  So far, progress has been good (we're about 5/8 done), so I'm blessed with not having to go out when the weather is not so nice.  If you have a single backyard grapevine, or are considering having a commercial vineyard, or if you just like to be outdoors, you may want to consider helping me out in the vineyard -- you'll learn what wine is truly all about.  If you're really, really interested, you may want to have a few grape plants in your own yard.  By coming out and helping, you'll learn how to maintain them, and you may take cuttings to raise your own plants from scratch.  Interested?  Reply to this email, and/or join our helpers email list.

Grape canes for wreathes
Many of our crafter friends are excited this time of year as this is when grape canes are available.  These are superb for making wreathes.  They are strong enough and hold shape well enough that no wire frame is needed -- when your wreathe has done it's job it can go directly into the compost pile.  We sell a bundle of about 20 canes which will make 2 wreathes for $8, or U-pick armload (about 50) for $15.

Business partner wanted
As mentioned in previous PV-Friends newsletters, the founders of Perennial Vintners, Mike and Beth have divorced.  In the long run, there is great potential for Perennial Vintners to succeed, however the immediate short-term financial challenges may prevent Mike from reaching that milestone.  Additional plantings made in 2008 will bring us significant additional income as of 2012, but we need help getting there.  Additionally, we also have several projects lined up that will continue increasing income over the next decade, but these will require external investment to initiate.

If you would like to be a part of the closest commercial vineyard to downtown Seattle, this is your chance!  Simply reply to this email letting me know of your interest and we'll see what we can accomplish together.