Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2010 08:08:12 -0800
Subject: Oct/Nov/Dec newsletter

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ Newsletter update
 ▪ Open this weekend
 ▪ Harvest 2010
Newsletter -- Oct/Nov/Dec-2010  ▪ New releases
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 ▪ In the vineyard  ▪ Business partner wanted

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Newsletter update
I'll start by apologizing for this very late monthly newsletter (no, it's not your spam filter)...  Things have been more hectic than ever, and newsletters have just kept falling by the wayside, for the last three months, sigh...

Open this weekend
We'll be open this weekend, Sat-Sun 04,05-Dec 10am-5pm.  I hope you'll come out, the grapevines have just about dropped their leaves, so there's still some lovely autumn coloring along with the green cover crop, and the winery is mostly tidied up from the chaos of harvest!  We'll be pouring all the whites but most importantly the Frambelle raspberry port-style dessert wine.  This wine is made with the holidays in mind -- bring a bottle to any Christmas party for an after dinner digestif -- your host/hostess will be thrilled!

Also don't forget that we're at the Bainbridge Island Winter Farmers Market every Sat. until Christmas (3 more weekends).  Yes, I can magically be in two places at once!  Ok, not really, I have a winery volunteer manning the Farmers Market table this week.

Harvest 2010
Well the growing season for 2010 is finally drawing to a close.  It was a very tough growing year, ask any gardener friend how their tomatoes did this year.  We harvested Madeleine Angevine and Mueller Thurgau, but in both cases notably less than a typical year.  Although it is some three weeks late, the fruit came in with good numbers - we are pleased and are confident that we'll have fine wines in spite of the tough growing year!

New releases
We finally got approval from the TTB (Feds) for our 2009 labels, and have begun labeling.  The 2009 Madeleine Angevine is available now in the tasting room.  The 2009 Melon de Bourgogne will be ready to go by the time we run out of the 2008; same with the 2009 Mueller Thurgau.  If you're interested in helping label bottles (it's real casual sitting around sipping wine while working), please reply to this email and let me know what day/evening/time is good for you...  Also, if you're not already on it, please consider joining our helpers email list.

In the vineyard
This time of year (fortunately) there's not much to be done in the vineyard.  We've established a good cover crop to prevent erosion and return nutrients to the soil.  The next time we'll be doing real work in the vineyard is in Jan. when pruning starts.  If you're interested in learning about grape growing, consider coming out to help pruning some afternoon this winter, join our helpers email list (above) to learn about working dates/times.  We do try to take advantage of good weather days when possible.

Business partner wanted
As some of you may be aware, Mike and Beth, the founders of Perennial Vintners have divorced.  Put simply, Mike's income and savings, plus the current income from the vineyard and winery are not sufficient at this time to keep ahead of the bills.  Without external help, Perennial Vintners will have to close as our vineyard property on Bainbridge Island will have to be sold.

There is good news -- in the long run, there is potential for the business to succeed.  Additional plantings made in 2008 will bring us significant additional income as of 2012, however things are tight enough right now that we cannot make it to that time without help.  Additionally, we also have several projects lined up that will continue increasing income over the next decade, but these will require external investment to initiate.

If you think it would be nice to be a part of a real vineyard and winery, one that is but a half hour ferry ride from downtown Seattle, this is your chance!  Simply reply to this email and let me know of your interest and we'll see what we can accomplish together.