Subject: [PV-Friends] May newsletter
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 09:17:24 -0700

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ Open for Memorial Day weekend
 ▪ Vineyard - new shoots & more
 ▪ Recipe - Copper River Salmon
Newsletter -- May-2009  ▪ Winery - racking
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 ▪ Website -- Google Maps  ▪ Volunteer opportunities

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Open for Memorial Day weekend
We'll be open to the public for the Memorial day weekend (this coming weekend!) 23,24,25-May. We are members of the Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island -- this is a newly formed group of most all the wineries on BI (6 wineries!)  Come visit any of the wineries on this open weekend, and get directions to the others who will all also be open.  Visit the WABI website.

Vineyard - new shoots & more
It's an exciting time of year in the vineyard -- of course that is when the weather permits you to see it (you have to be up close) -- another day of heavy rain is really getting to be a drag.  The vines have started putting out shoots, with leaves coming up.  This is the time when we start having deer damage, they love those delicate new shoots.  (If you have plants in your yard that get nibbled by deer, now's the most important time to get them protected.)

Also, for those of you who drive by us regularly on SR-305, you've probably observed that I've been putting down a layer of nice dark compost at the base of all the new plants in order to ensure good growth of that hillside vineyard this year.  A few days ago I finished this and the rototilling.

Lastly, shoot thinning should begin in a few weeks -- if you want to learn about how best to grow those backyard grapes, be sure to sign up on our volunteers email list to come help out and learn.

Recipe - Copper River Salmon season
Copper River Salmon season begins 14-May and runs for only 3-4 weeks.  We highly recommend treating yourself to a super special meal of Copper River salmon accompanied by our Muller Thurgau, it's a fantastic pairing.  As Copper River salmon is quite expensive, we don't make this recommendation lightly.  We recommend a very simple preparation in order to showcase the fish.  Please see our website Recipes section.

Winery - racking
I've been so busy with vineyard work that I've had very little time in the winery in the last few months.  Mostly we're just racking the wine, and initiating Malolactic fermentation ("ML").  Want to know more about ML?  Come visit the winery this weekend and ask while on the tour...

Website -- Google maps
Well, it's not really on our website -- I just noticed that my panorama photographer Garret Veley has taken the liberty of uploading one of his vineyard images to Google maps at our location -- if you have downloaded the standalone GoogleMaps application, find us and see.  (Thanks Garret!)  See our vineyards page for more of Garret's photos and links to more info about him and his work.

Volunteer Opportunities
We have several upcoming opportunities to help out at the winery...  The most pressing job is to replace plants in the vineyards that didn't make it, with plants from our nursery block.  This will be ongoing throughout this week any time I get few hours and the weather is mellow (can't do it if the sun is blazing, or if it's dumping rain).  Then we'll refill the nursery block from this years cuttings.  After that we'll be starting the next pass of weeding (this pass will be easy).  We'll need help potting up some sticks for nursery plant sales.  If interested, reply to this email or call my cell: 206-200-5902.  If you're not already, please join our volunteers email list.