Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 22:37:54 -0700
Subject: [PV-Friends] October newsletter

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ New releases
 ▪ Events -- movie "Good Food"
 ▪ More events -- Suyamatsu farm harvest
Newsletter -- October-2008 (a week early)  ▪ Bainbridge Farmers Market
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 ▪ Last chance to Adopt-a-wine  ▪ Vineyard - harvest

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New releases
A quick note to let you know our new releases are now available!  The 2007 Madeleine Angevine is now being sold.  We have just a few more acses of the 2006 Muller Thurgau, when that's gone we'll be onto the 2007.

Events -- movie "Good Food"
Oct. 18th and 19th the Lynwood Theater on Bainbridge will have a special showing of a movie entitled "Good Food".  The movie showcases several local farms and discusses the importance of sustainable and organic agriculture.  It is sponsored by two organizations with whom PV works closely -- Trust For Working Landscapes, and the BI Farmers Market.  Also, the filmmakers will be in attendance! (click "special events")

More events -- Suyamatsu farm harvest
The Suyematsu Farm is now open daily for pumpkins.  There's also still corn (only for another few days) and Laughing Crow Farm's potatoes.  When the corn is done, a maze will be cut into the corn area.  On weekends there are tractor hayrides, a hay bale maze, and all sorts of pumpkins to choose from (u-pick, they provide the wagons to pull them to your car).  I highly recommend visiting the farm with the kids!  For a few photos of 2007,

Bainbridge Farmers Market
This is the final week of Perennial Vintners at the outdoor farmers market.  They're calling for nice weather this weekend, so come on out to the market, buy local food, wine and crafts and generally have a fun time!  But of course most importantly, come visit Beth and I at the Perennial Vintners tent -- this is your chance to get a bottle of our new release, the Madeleine Angevine.  (Note that the 18th is the final outdoor market of the year -- it resumes as the indoor market 22-Nov.)  Hey -- I just noticed -- the market website shows yours truly launching our Zucchini racer a few weeks ago!  Check it out: (click on their main link at the top).

Last chance to Adopt-a-wine
I'm still looking for people interested in local winemaking...  Our small vineyard has about a dozen different variety/rootstock combinations.  This year we'll be getting our first harvest from them.  I'm looking for people who would be interested enough to come out, measure the sugars, pH, etc., and to make the wine in carboys.  It will all be done here at the Perennial Vintners winery, all materials will be provided.  I will guide you through every step.  You'll get to take home some of the wine when it's all done, and you'll know that you've contributed to the body of knowledge of grape growing in the Puget Sound AVA!  If you'd like to adopt a batch, please reply to this email.

Vineyard - harvest
We've been working like crazy over the last few weeks.  Harvest is late this year, but it is happening!  The weather is not so horrible as it seems, the grapes are ripening!  We have brought in several of our own small experimental batches, and have brought in the Madeleine Angevine.  A few more days like today and we may be bringing in the Muller Thurgau by the weekend.  If you're interested in helping with harvest, please join our volunteers newsletter -- (website "Our Newsletter" page, click "PV-Helpers")