Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 14:18:03 -0700
Subject: [PV-Friends] September newsletter

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ Upcoming releases
 ▪ Events -- Zucchini Race!
 ▪ Vineyard
Newsletter -- September-2008  ▪ Visit us soon
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 ▪ Adopt-a-wine  ▪ New outlet -- FarmCourier

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Upcoming releases
As you may recall from last month's newsletter, our 2007 releases.were expected just about now.  Unfortunately, we underestimated the lead time for the label company, so we don't have the labels yet.  We're anticipating a labeling party last weekend of Sep, or first weekend Oct -- if willing to help, please join our volunteers newsletter -- (website "Our Newsletter" page, click "PV-Helpers").  We still have high hopes for releasing at least one of the berry port wines in time for the holidays, but since we don't have a name/label yet, we're running out of time and may not have it ready...

Events -- Zucchini Race!
An annual event at the Bainbridge Farmers Market is the Great Zucchini Race.  This is wonderful, local, family fun, where anyone with a zucchini can join in!  I've seen everything from zukes made to look like the Starship Enterprise, to zukes with toothpick axles and mini pumpkins for wheels!  There are awards designs and for performance (making it across the finish line at all is often asking a lot).  Perennial Vintners will be racing again this year.  (Pictured is last years entry.)  Hope to see you at the market this Saturday (tomorrow).  We'll be selling wine at our booth and the race starts at noon.  (Click on the photo -- there's a YouTube video if you would like to see a few minutes of last year's hilarity!)

All that rain we got in late August gave a huge boost to the weeds -- the new Sieg. vineyard looked like someone had laid down Astroturf, just solid smooth green!  Yesterday I finished catching up with all the weeding, so things are looking very nice right now.  Also thanks to all that August rain (grrrr), we're still behind on ripening.  We're very happy about the current weather forecast, we have at least a week of nice warm sun coming up!  Let us hope this continues well into October!

Visit us soon
It's a beautiful time of year in the vineyard.  There's grape clusters on the vines, the reds have just turned to dark color (veraison).  The days are still quite warm, and are still long.  In a few weeks we'll be busy preparing for harvest, so we won't have much time for visitors -- now however, we can make some time for you.  Giev us a call, reply to this email, or use the scheduling app on the website...

I'm still looking for people interested in local winemaking...  Our small vineyard has about a dozen different variety/rootstock combinations.  This year we'll be getting our first harvest from them.  I'm looking for people who would be interested enough to come out, measure the sugars, pH, etc., and to make the wine in carboys.  It will all be done here at the Perennial Vintners winery, all materials will be provided.  I will guide you through every step.  You'll get to take home some of the wine when it's all done, and you'll know that you've contributed to the body of knowledge of grape growing in the Puget Sound AVA!  If you'd like to adopt a batch, please reply to this email.

New outlet -- FarmCourier
This month I'd like to mention a very special outlet that we've had for many months now, but I forgot to mention in an earlier newsletter.  Our wines can be purchased on Bainbridge via  FarmCourier is a website and delivery service for local farm products.  Anyone (you need not be a farmer) can post local farm products at the website.  Anyone on Bainbridge can order them via the website, and the owner Carlee Ashen, will work you into her route for delivery on the following Tue or Thu.  This is a really neat service -- the right combination of delivery and local to reduce product miles while still being local.