Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 09:05:36 -0700
Subject: [PV-Friends] June newsletter

Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ Rose Revival and Other Cool Whites
 ▪ Recent Press coverage
 ▪ Vineyard -- New plantings
Newsletter -- June-2008  ▪ Copper River Salmon season
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 ▪ Call for bottling helpers  ▪ Come visit us!

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Rose Revival and Other Cool Whites
Next week, Tue. 17-Jun is the "Rose Revival and Other Cool Whites" event.  I haven't attended it before, but I'm looking forward to it -- a whole room filled with light refreshing, and many unusual wines for summer sipping -- how can you lose?  It's at Ray's Boathouse with a wonderful view of Bainbridge Island, I know I'll be saying "look through that window -- we're right there!" a whole bunch of times!  Admission is $25, 5:30pm-8:00pm.  It's put on by David LeClaire, more info and tickets at  Hope to see you there!

Recent Press coverage
We've recently gotten a flurry of coverage in the press, including articles in the Kitsap Sun, the Bainbridge Islander, and even a brief spot on KOMO TV news (courtesy of our great supporters Lizzie and Doug at Malt & Vine wine shop in Redmond)!  See our "In The News" page for more info.

Vineyard -- New plantings
Followup on the previous (May) newsletter; we completed the planting of two new small vineyards in the last few weeks.  The Morales parcel immediately below us on Lovgren Rd. (about 1/2 acre) is now planted to Melon de Bourgogne, visible up the hill to the NE at the intersection of  SR-305 and Lovgren Rd.  Additionally, another new 1/2 acre block of Siegerebbe went in successfully at BIVW.  See the website "Our Vineyards" page for photos and more details.

Now that we've completed our new plantings, our vineyard work is back to the usual for this time of year -- weeding.  This year we have an exceptional weed problem, namely pulling the Japanese Knotweed from the Morales property.  If you're interested in learning what wine is really all about, please join our helpers email list: "Our Newsletter" click "PV-Helpers".

Copper River Salmon season
It's Copper River Salmon season!  In my opinion this is truly the finest fish you will ever taste, it lives up to all the hype!  It's worth it even if only once a year due to the exhorbitant prices.  You don't want to bury the flavors of the fish, so the simpler the preparation the better.  We recommend cooking with our Madeleine Angevine verjus (we have a few bottles left), capers, rosemary, a touch of dill.  But most importantly, serve with a glass of Perennial Vintners Muller Thurgau.  Put the wine in the fridge the day before, but pull it out about a half hour before serving so it won't be too cold.

Call for bottling helpers
We plan to bottle most of our vintage 2007 wines on 19-Jul.  We can use lots of bodies, so please consider joining our "helpers" email list for notifications of this and other learning opportunities.  (Simply reply to this email if you'd like me to do it for you.)

Come visit us!
Although the weather seems a little disappointing, it's actually a great time of year to visit the vineyards -- not too hot, not too cold, not too wet...  Come and see the new plantings so that when the wine does come out, you can say you were there when they were brand new!  Give us a call at the winery or use the scheduling app at the website to let us know when you'll be here.