Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 12:22:42 -0700
Subject: [PV-Friends] October newsletter
Perennial Vintners In this issue:
 ▪ New product -- Verjus
 ▪ In the winery -- Madeleine Angevine
 ▪ In the vineyard -- Harvest
Newsletter -- October-2007  ▪ On the website -- Volunteering page
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 ▪ Bainbridge Island Winter Farmers Market  ▪ North Sound Wineries Passport weekend

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New product -- Verjus
This year we have been resurrecting an old abused block of Madeleine Angevine at our neighboring BIVW.  The old plants had been sawn off with the intent of grafting a different variety onto the old stump, but this never happened, so the plants were left to go pretty much out of control.  In order to bring these back into bearing, we had to train up to a new trunk.  However, as the plant is mature and has a huge root mass, it really wants to put out a lot of fruit; more than the small new trunks can successfully ripen.  This means we had to drop that excess fruit early in the season.  The berries were small, hard and green at this stage, thus the French call it a "green harvest".  The juice from these berries is very tart, and is called (from the French for green "ver" and the French for juice "jus") verjus.  It can be used in cooking, where you would use lemon juice or balsamic vinegar.  It is a tiny lot, only 19 bottles, so get yours soon!  It is 100% Madeleine Angevine from BIVW.  More info at the website.

In the winery -- Madeleine Angevine
This year we have added a small block of Madeleine Angevine at BIVW to our "holdings" (see Verjus above).  We have harvested the fully ripened grapes from this block (thankfully just before the rains hit.)  This is fermenting now.  Anticipate a small lot of of this wine in late 2008.

In the vineyard -- Harvest
The weather in the Puget Sound Appellation this year has been very dicey -- the grapes were maturing nicely until mid-Sep, then the rains began.  Rain of itself is not the end of the world, it simply dilutes the juice in the berries.  Given a few days afterwards, the sugars can return to pre-rain levels.  Unfortunately, this year we're not getting that sufficient extra ripening time.  We have our fingers crossed that things will be good for harvest this weekend.  (If interested in helping out, please visit our volunteering page.)

On the website -- Volunteering page
Added a new page on volunteering.  Mostly it tells what you need to know once you've already committed to helping out!

Bainbridge Island Winter Farmers Market
The BI Outdoor Farmers Market closes soon for Winter (two more weekends) -- we've had our last outdoor market for this year.  However, the market does move indoors for the Winter.  We will be at the first indoor market (17-Nov).  (Unless sales are fantastic that day, we'll only be at that one market.)  Details at the website.

North Sound Wineries Passport weekend
Although we are not members of the North Sound Wineries (AKA Winery Loop), we do plan to have our door open to the public on Passport Wine Tour weekend.  Look for our sign along the highway on Sat & Sun.  (Please note: we do endorse this organization, but are not members as we simply haven't enough wine to sell to make it cost effective for us.)