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 ▪ Perils of success!
 ▪ In the vineyard -- Tucking & clipping
Newsletter -- July-2007  ▪ On the website -- newsletter archive
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 ▪ New outlets -- Bainbridge Island  ▪ Schedule note -- Not open for Bastille Day

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▪ Perils of success!
Good news can be bad news...  It's great that our wine is selling very well...  But it's not so good that it's selling so well that we're rapidly running out!  We've had to place a limit of 6 bottles on any purchase.  We're hoping to get the 2006 Müller Thurgau into the bottle by mid-August, so hopefully if we do run out of the 2005, we will have something to sell again soon...

▪ In the vineyard -- Tucking & clipping
The tasks we're just finishing up are a) tucking: as the grape vertical shoots grow upwards, they tend to flop out into the aisle, so we must tuck them up under the catchwires; and b) clipping: we install nifty little clips to bring the two catchwires together, helping those new vertical shoots climb straight up.

▪ On the website -- newsletter archive
I've added an archive of past newsletters.  Hopefully as each newsletter is sent, I'll get around to adding it to these pages...

New outlets -- Bainbridge Island
Our wines are now available on Bainbridge, even when there's nobody at the winery!
  ▫ Harbor Square Wine Shop is just up the hill from the ferry dock in the brand new Harbor Square building.  They are proud to carry the wines of all the Bainbridge wineries.  They were so excited to have our wines, that they contacted us before we called on them!
  ▫ Madoka on Bainbridge is a high quality restaurant on Bainbridge specializing in Pacific Rim cuisine with emphasis on local ingredients.  We are thrilled to have our wine there as our delicate and aromatic wines are an excellent match for many Asian foods.

▪ Schedule Note -- Not open for Bastille Day
Apologies for the late notice, but although we had planned to be open 15-Jul for French Bastille Day, in honor of our French Melon de Bourgogne wine, we will not be able to be open this year due to circumstances beyond our control.  We have done our part, but we are still not allowed to have an open-to-the-public tasting.