Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 15:08:29 -0700
Subject: April newsletter

Perennial Vintners Newsletter -- 

In this issue:
  Taste Washington -- this weekend
  Nice article in Bainbridge Review
  Hotel Vintage Park -- update; event open to public
  Our first sales!

*Taste Washington -- this weekend:*
  Reminder that our next public event is this coming weekend.  We'll be 
at the "Grand Tasting" Sunday 15-Apr, 2pm (VIP entry) 4pm (General 
entry).  This event is a huge bash, if you've never attended it, I'd 
highly recommend it.  For info/tickets, please go to their website:

*Bainbridge Review article:*
  Last weeks Bainbridge Island Review newspaper had a nice article about 
us (04-Apr-2007).  This includes a large picture of yours truly with a 
bottle in front of Seattle Art Museum.  The article is available through 
our website and click on "In the 
News".  (Be sure to read the scanned copy as the printed edition had 
additional text and pictures.)

*Hotel Vintage Park update:*
  Brief mention -- the Hotel Vintage Park event mentioned in the 
previous newsletter /is/ open to the public.  For hotel guests it's 
free, non-guests are welcomed at $15 per head.  19-Apr-2008, 5pm.  Info 
at our website (click Schedule) or theirs:

*Our First Sales:*
  Yeah, I know, I shouldn't make such a big deal about it, but I'm 
pretty excited about it!  Not only did we make our first delivery to 
Seattle Art Museum, but we sold our first wine at the winery last weekend!