Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 08:14:08 -0700
Subject: March newsletter

Perennial Vintners Newsletter -- 

(Yeah, I know, the March newsletter is a few days late -- it's now April 
-- sorry!)

In this issue:
  Wine is in the bottle -- we're finally ready for business!
  Seattle Art Museum "Taste" Restaurant
  Seattle's Hotel Vintage Park
  "Visiting hours"
  Open that bottle night

*Our first Wine is in the bottle:*
  We had a successful bottling last weekend, our first wine, the 2005 
Müller Thurgau is ready for purchase!

*Seattle Art Museum "Taste" restaurant:*
  The new Seattle Art Museum restaurant, named simply "Taste", will be 
PV's first restaurant customer!  They will have an interesting menu, 
organized by flavor profiles as opposed to the more traditional, by 
varietal.  You'll find the PV 2005 Müller Thurgau on the menu!  The new 
restaurant is adjacent to the lobby, and will be very stylish.  I 
believe Taste is scheduled to open in the next two weeks.

*Hotel Vintage Park:*
  Seattle's Hotel Vintage Park has artwork sponsored by wineries in each 
guest room.  This is really exciting -- there will soon be a PV room!  
(I hope it's a small but comfortable room, just like our business.)  We 
will present them with the painting used for our 2005 Müller Thurgau 
label by Dianne Gardner.  Following the presentation we'll be pouring 
our wines in their tasting room from 5-6 on 19-Apr.
*"Visiting hours":*
  Due to many factors, we can only be open to the public by 
appointment.  We have now established the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each 
month as schedulable.  (Other days may be available, but we'll try
really hard to always be available on 2nd and 4th Sat.)  We'd love to 
have you come by, and as Mike is still not emplyed, now would be a great 

*Open That Bottle Night:*
  You may recognize the names Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher as wine 
writers for the Wall Street Journal.  In 1999 in their weekly column 
they came up with an "Open That Bottle Night".  They suggested that 
everyone has that one bottle (or perhaps many) that's just too special 
to open, so we don't open it, and it goes bad by the time we finally 
do.  Unfortunately, I missed letting you know about it in time this 
year, I believe it's the last Saturday in February -- it's not too late 
to celebrate it -- you can Google "Open That Bottle" & Gaiter, then 
enjoy a really special bottle from your collection, no matter how humble 
it may be.  Next year I promise to let you know about it beforehand!