Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 11:00:38 -0800
Subject: Perennial Vintners Newsletter -- St. Vincent's Day

Perennial Vintners Newsletter -- Jan-2007

In this issue:
  St. Vincent's Day -- today!
  NW Boutique Winery Showcase
  We'll be at Taste Washington Seattle
  The Winery Painting is done
  MikeL is looking for employment

St. Vincent's Day:
Today (22-Jan) is St. Vincent's Day.  St. Vincent is the patron saint of winemakers -- in France his day is widely recognized.  There is a saying and tradition associated with this day:
    Vincenti festo si Sol radiet memor este.
translated into English as:
    Remember on St. Vincent's Day
    If that the Sun his beams display
The tradition states that if the sun makes an appearance that day, it bodes well for a "dry year favorable to the vintage".  At this writing (morning) the sun is trying, but not quite making it through the clouds -- the day is still young however!
At Perennial Vintners we plan to honor this tradition with our first open-to-the-public-day of the year event.  Unfortunately, we do not have wine ready to be sold yet this year, so we will not be starting the tradition in 2007, sigh...  We do recommend however, that you begin your own tradition of raising a glass on this day!

NW Boutique Winery Showcase:
You may know David LeClaire, a dynamo of local wine events.  Perennial Vintners will be at David's 6th annual showcase.  It'll be Wed. 21-Feb (Trade: 2:00pm-5:30, Public: 6:30pm-9:00) at The Lakeside Seattle.  There's no info there at this time, but presumedly it'll be at David's website soon:
Looks like this will be Perennial Vintners first public event!

We'll be at Taste Washington Seattle:
I may have already announced this, but we're really excited about it so maybe I'll just announce it again!  We will have a table and will be pouring our wine at Taste WA Seattle, 14,15-Apr at QWest Event Center.  Get your tickets soon as they do sell out:
We will be there for the Sunday "Grand Tasting" and are still debating the "Twenty Something" event.

Winery Painting is done
The last time I wrote a newsletter, our basement winery space was bare sheetrock...  It's all painted and I'd say downright comfortable.  We're looking forward to having an open day this Spring for our PV-Friends subscribers (date yet to-be-determined).

MikeL is looking for employment:
There's an old joke about wineries (stolen from an even older jazz musician joke):
    "How do you end up with a winery worth $1million?"
    "Start with $2million!"
This is very true for Perennial Vintners with no income of it's own yet!  Mike was "let go" from Cisco Systems last summer after 7 years.  This was wonderful timing for Perennial Vintners allowing me to get some things done including harvest 2006.  However, I can't afford to live off savings much longer.  If you know of computer employment in downtown Seattle or on the Kitsap Penninsula, please drop me an email.

Mike Lempriere & Beth Schoenberg