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The October 2002 meeting of the Seattle Chapter of the Enological Society, was focused on the wines of the Puget Sound American Viticultural Area (PS AVA). The event is co-sponsored by the Puget Sound WineGrowers Association.

This was a unique event as there was a table of amateur winemaker's wines available for tasting along with the real wineries. Of course these amateur wines must also be made entirely from grapes of the PS AVA.

Perennial Vintners proudly presented our award winning 2000 Siegerrebe and 2001 Müller Thurgau wines.

This was a public event, 09-Oct-2002 at their usual meeting place at St. Demitriou's Greek orthodox Church in Seattle.

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That's me, Mike Lempriere, pouring Müller Thurgau at the Perennial Vintners table for an unidentified patron. A poster for Hughes Vineyard is visible to my left, which is where the Siegerrebe grapes were grown. (Photo credit: Sherrye Wyatt)

Gary Moulton, with grapes from the cool climate grape varietal trials, part of the Grape and Fruit research at WSU Ag. Ext. Mt Vernon. Also pictured is Vicki Scharlau of WA Assoc. of Wine Grape Growers. (Photo credit: Sherrye Wyatt)

Steve Snyder (left) and Jeff Jernagan (in hat), co-owners of Maury Island Vineyards with some grape plants. These fellows are the growers of the Müller Thurgau grapes which I served that evening. (Photo credit: Sherrye Wyatt)

Bob Allen grows the Island Belle grapes for Hoodsport Winery at his Misty Isle Vineyard. (Photo credit: Sherrye Wyatt)

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