GDD-50 Horse Tales Vineyard (KWAOLYMP247), Olympia, WA

Year: 2017 2018 2019* 2020
Total: 2542 2206 805 --
YTD:  2539  2185   797 1572
'*' indicates a year with missing data - numbers are artificially low.

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A) Data from 04/01/18 to 04/28/18 was interpolated from a nearby weather station (KWAOLYMP90) as the Davis Vantage Vue was not brought online on site until that date. By brief observation, that station was reading about 1 degree F higher for the days after the install so the data was rounded down and had 1 subtracted.

B) The same algorithm was used to fill in the data from 06/25/18 through 06/30/18.

C) Data for 2017 was recorded by a LabJack USB data logger. It's numbers seem to be dramatically higher than the subsequent Vantage Vue weather station, and nearby stations don't show a similar change between those two years, thus it seems appropriate to discount that years data.

D) Data for 2019 was very incomplete, no attempt has been made to interpolate.

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