Perennial Vintner weather related links:
Our vineyard weather station
Our custom Powdery Mildew tracking website
Our daily updated GDD chart for Bainbridge Island
Our data at
Our data at
Our data at CWOP/MesoWest
UW Atmos. Sci. NW radar loop
UW Atmos. Sci. IR Pacific/NW

We have several Puget Sound AVA weather stations that contribute their data for public use. This data can be viewed in detail within our PMI website (above). Below are links to their console page and automated (updated hourly) GDD charts.

Initials in PMI website Website for the business Location Console display GDD chart WUnderground
PV Perennial Vintners Bainbridge Island Console GDD KWABAINB13
PTV Port Townsend Vineyards Port Townsend Console GDD KWAPORTT22
PTVW Port Townsend Vineyards, winery location Port Townsend Console GDD KWAPORTT48
SCV Skagit Crest Vineyards Sedro Woolley Console GDD
RCPT Raincoast Farms Port Townsend Console GDD KWAPORTT39
MVV MVV Vashon Island Console GDD KWAVASHO30
HV Horsetales Vineyard Olympia * GDD  
*=No realtime weather station - manually downloaded temperature data only